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Top 5 Living Proof Products


Using the power of science to create new and ground-breaking treatments, Living Proof has products to solve all your hair concerns. The brand was developed by stylists and biotech scientists to inject a little innovation into the hair care industry, harnessing never-used-before ingredients and technologies to create innovative products. Whether you want to kiss goodbye to a lack of volume, frizz, or damaged strands, Living Proof wants to solve rather than conceal your hair worries.

When you’re browsing the range the most important ingredients to look out for are the weightless Healthy Hair Molecule shield, the Thickening Molecule for fuller hair and the Volumizing & Texturizing Molecule which restores volume. Enriched with these innovations, our top 5 Living Proof haircare bestsellers can help nurse your tresses back to health.

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Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo

Some days you just don’t have time for a shampoo and that’s where Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo comes in. Developed to leave locks looking and feeling naturally clean, it will lift away odours, sweat and oil in moments. Better still, you’ll have a delicately fragranced mane throughout the day. Enriched with the brand’s Healthy Hair Molecule, it won’t feel itchy or leave you with a powdery residue.

Living Proof Full Shampoo

You can train fine or flat tresses to behave like thick voluminous locks, with the Living Proof Full Shampoo. Although this is a gentle cleanser you’ll love the rich, creamy lather it creates to quickly remove dirt and oil, leaving your hair smelling reassuringly fresh. So you don’t have to wash your mane so often, they’ve added the Healthy Hair Molecule, which keeps dirt at bay for longer. In case you were wondering, our top 5 Living Proof shampoos are even safe to use if you have chemically treated hair.

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Living Proof Full Conditioner

If your hair is just not doing what you want it to and it’s becoming difficult to achieve the fuller styles you love, the Living Proof Full Conditioner can encourage a more volume-packed result. Using their Healthy Hair Molecule as a key ingredient, it also delivers shine and softness, without adding any extra weight, so your hair moves naturally. Tangles are a hurdle we all have to face after shampooing, but this star conditioner also tackles those to leave you with less work.

Living Proof PhD Shampoo

Are you a seeker of smooth locks and manageable hair? Aren’t we all? That’s why Living Proof PhD Shampoo has been created, to boost body and prep your hair for styling. Of course, the Healthy Hair Molecule technology helps with shine and also guards against dirt particles, so that you can take a day off from shampooing.

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Living Proof PhD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

Any treatment that can be left in is ideal if your hair is especially dry or stressed. Living Proof’s PhD 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, is a multi-tasker powered by the Thickening Molecule, so it doesn’t just create bouncy volume, it also leaves your hair feeling soft. If you’re dedicated to clean treatments, it also has a silicone and paraben-free formula.

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