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Which Blush Brush Is Best?


Giving your cheeks a hint of colour is a great way to boost your look. Peachy, coral and rosy hues give your cheeks and your overall complexion a fresh, healthy look.

With a blush brush, you can apply blusher effectively and have your cheeks looking pretty in pink. However, to create the desired effect that you want to achieve depends on the type of brush you use. That means that using the best blush brush totally matters, and it’s important to find the type that’s right for your makeup look.

Which blush brush is best? Well, here are a few types to consider.

Small & Dense

A small, dense blush brush is perfect if you want to give your cheeks tiny pops of colour. This is the perfect blusher brush if you’re trying to create the minimal makeup look with sheer tones and textures.


A fan blusher brush is a good one to choose if you want to give your cheekbones subtle hints of shade. It’s also designed for gentle application so you can avoid overdoing it and adding too much blusher onto the cheeks – which we all know is a big no-no and a beauty faux pas.


Slanted and angled blusher brushes glide upon application and are ideal if you want to add two shades onto your cheekbones.


For maximum impact, a big powder or domed-shaped brush does the job. Use this type of brush and apply blush over the cheeks to get them looking peachy or rosy.

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