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Is Your Cleanser Causing Your Breakouts?

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We all know that cleansing is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin healthy, clean and free of pore-clogging makeup, oil and debris. But, while we’re all for fostering good skincare habits, if you end up using the wrong cleanser for your concerns you could end up compromising the health of your skin and even making your issues worse. “Incorrect cleansing can cause a number of issues, the primary being the damage of the skin’s delicate and vital lipid barrier,” says Georgie Cleeve, founder of Oskia. “Most cleansers contain emulsifiers which can emulsify the skin’s natural oils, which will keep pores clean but also initially strip the skin and later stimulate sebum production. It’s very important therefore to insure you pick a cleanser formulated for your own skin type.” Read on to find out common cleansing mistakes you may be making and how to find the right formula for your skin…

If You Have Dry Skin You Should Be Using…

If you have dry skin which is left feeling tight after cleansing then the chances are you may be using a cleanser that’s actually stripping essential moisture from your skin. To combat this look for formulas loaded with hydrators and humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerine, as well as ceramides which will help to restore a compromised skin barrier and leave skin feeling clean but supple and replenished too. When it comes to textures dry skins will love the feel of buttery balms that will cosset skin; Drunk Elephant’s Slaii Melting Makeup Butter Cleanser is enriched with a blend of oils that help skin feel nourished as it’s being cleansed.

If You Have Sensitive Skin You Should Be Using…

If you have sensitive skin, using the wrong cleanser will only exacerbate redness or patches of flakiness or irritation. First things first, avoid anything with added fragrance or alcohol which can make things worse. Same goes for exfoliating cleansers or those with high percentages of active ingredients like glycolic acid, too much of which can irritate skin that’s already feeling worse for wear. Instead, opt for soothing, hydrating options that will rid your skin of makeup and dirt and clean it without causing any imbalance; Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser was created by founder Kate to calm her own sensitive skin and contains goat milk proteins to soothe and manuka honey, jojoba and avocado oils to intensively nourish.

If You Have Oily Skin You Should Be Using…

If your skin is oily, prone to shine and you regularly experience breakouts and clogged pores, you need a cleanser that can reduce all of that whilst still giving you scrupulously clean and balanced skin. To help clean out pores and remove excess oil look for gel or foaming textures that will clean skin thoroughly and leave it feeling fresh. When it comes to ingredients opt for formulas that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide help control oil and fight blemishes before they occur.

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A Word on Double Cleansing…

“Double cleansing it vital if you wear heavy makeup,” says Georgie, but it’s a good idea to cleanse your face twice if you possibly can at the end of the day to rid it of build-up and impurities and then clean it. Try using an oil formula as your first cleanser and then choose the formula of your second based on preference and skin suitability. Nervous about the idea of oils? Don’t be, says Georgie, “Oil cleansers work beautifully on all skin types. They remove all makeup fantastically, but also replenish dry skin types but regulate sebum production for oily skin types. They are a win-win!”

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