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Streamline Your Skincare Routine

Simplify your skincare routine

Most of us are huge skincare fans, but sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to overload skin with too many products, too often. We reveal how to simplify your routine effectively…

Using Too Much?

So you love skincare and have an extensive routine, but how do you tell if you’re going overboard? As Dr Barbara Sturm, Founder Of Dr Barbara Sturm skincare line reveals, there are obvious physical signs you should not ignore: “A sign of using too many products and too many overly aggressive ingredients is breaking out around the nose and chin area”, she says. She also suggests looking out for redness, irritation and inflammation on the skin’s surface as this could also be a symptom of using too many different products.

Why Simplify?

There are many benefits to simplifying your skincare routine. The first – and most obvious – is that you will save time and money. Why use 8 products if really, you only need to use 3 or 4? It’s not just your purse that will thank you, your face will too. As our largest organ, skin is more than capable of taking care of itself to an extent, and does not need to be overloaded with topical products. “Your skin cells can do a lot themselves – you don’t need to take away from their own intellectual property and abilities”, says Dr Sturm. Our face also needs time to get used to product and respects continuity; if we are changing our routine and adding in lots of new skincare every week, we will never have a chance to see what works for us. It’s best to stick to a set routine with the same products for around 4 weeks to see the real effects and reap the benefits.

The Streamlined Routine

So we’ve established that sticking to a routine which features the same products for at least a month is preferable, but what should this routine include? Dr Barbara Sturm suggests starting with the basics and adding on as is needed. “Start with three steps: a cleanser, hyaluronic serum and a cream”, she says.

A great all-round cleanser for both refreshing in the morning and removing makeup in the evening is Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse. This gel-to-milk formula uses a blend of essential oils and vitamins A and E to gently remove impurities while deeply nourishing. Follow with Dr Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum to flood skin with moisture, and finish with the Face Cream from the same range, which suits all skin types. Finish your morning routine with a layer of SPF; we recommend the By Terry UV Base Sunscreen Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50, which is the perfect base for makeup.

This basic routine is a great way to give your skin everything it needs, but there are additions you can make if you feel your skin needs more attention or you have slightly more mature skin. Browse these optional add-ons…

For dark under-eye circles: Invest in an eye cream to target darkness and puffiness. The Sisley L’Integral Anti-Age Eye and Lip Contour Cream, which comes with a cooling roller applicator.


For dull skin: AHAs are saviours for dull skin. Brighten up your complexion with Ren’s Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, which contains lactic acid and is gentle enough to use daily.

Ren AHA Glow Tonic

For more mature skin: At night time, swap in your regular cream for a retinol infused formula, like Clark’s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream, to turn back time.

Clark's Retinol Rescue Cream

For ultra-dry skin: Add in an oil after your serum for an extra layer of nourishment; The Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil is a luxurious favourite.

How Much

For decongested skin:

At night time, double cleanse with a foaming cleanser such as Dr Barbara Sturm’s for an extra deep clean. Also, use a clay-based mask such as Caudalie’s Detox Mask once a week to draw out excess oil.

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