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Vitamins have long taken centre stage in our skincare and wellbeing, and vitamin C has now become an active staple for those in the know. When it comes to brightening, evening out tone and even plumping the skin with visible results, this is the ultimate gold standard in active ingredients.

So What Does It Do?

Vitamin C is not just a supplement to build up our immune system. Think of it as a building block to boosting your skin’s immunity too. “It not only helps to brighten pigmentation that already exists, but also reduces the activity of the enzyme that leads to these dark spots from forming in the future”, says Dr Dennis Gross, NYC based dermatologist and founder of Dr Dennis Gross skincare. Other essential benefits include building collagen to tighten and firm the skin, giving it an all round more radiant appearance.


When Should I Use It?

Like any smart skincare regime, it’s not about the cure, but preventative measures. Vitamin C will not only treat existing signs of ageing but provides great protection as a pre-anti-ager. Best of all it’s suitable for any age group. Before you buy, check the pH of your product. The level should be 3.5 or lower. Anything higher won’t be able to penetrate the skin. Add vitamin C into your regime slowly to avoid irritation – start at around 1 or 2%. Hold off on other more active ingredients like Retinol, until your skin becomes used to it.

What’s The Best Form To Use It In?

Vitamin C comes in multiple forms, but is ultimately broken up into water soluble and lipid soluble. According to Dr Dennis Gross, a combination of the two will reap the greatest rewards to your complexion. “You need to use both types to address depleted collagen and fighting free radicals.” Check your ingredients list well to determine how potent you want your dosage to be. L-ascorbic acid is the strongest form of vitamin C, and an essential that dermatologists and skincare experts will use to fight pigmentation and buff away old skin cells to reveal more radiant and plump complexion beneath. It’s also worth paying attention to packaging; don’t buy vitamin C product in a transparent bottle – it degrades if exposed to light, which will compromise the quality and efficacy of the product.


How Does It Fit In My Routine?

First up, don’t store vitamin C in your bathroom – humidity can  cause it to degrade. Store it in a cool, dry space (even your fridge). Apply both morning and night, but be conscientious with your SPF afterwards. As it is constantly working to reveal newer skin beneath, you want to ensure the dermal layers are well protected against free radicals and UV rays to prevent further damage.

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    August 11, 2017

    Love the article, great and useful info.
    xoxo from mexico

    • Georgia Day
      Georgia Day
      August 13, 2017

      So pleased you enjoyed it and found it useful 🙂