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What Is The Best Blush Colour For My Skin Tone?


Unlike our faithful foundation and mascara, blusher is one of those products that can be forgotten about or replaced immediately with bronzer or a contouring palette when summer arrives. Yet, the subtlest hint of colour on your cheeks can leave you with a gorgeous, well-rested glow. And, few makeup artists would be without it.

Finding the right shade of blusher for your skin tone is crucial for achieving that natural flush. The wrong shade can leave you looking washed out. If you want to skip the tireless search for the perfect shade, your first port of call should be NARS’ latest collection, which includes a universally flattering cheek palette.


Inspired by the brand’s iconic Orgasm shade, NARS Orgasm X Cheek Palette has three complexion-enhancing cream powders that offer every skin tone a beautiful glow. “For fair skin tones, this palette pulls out the pink undertones,” says Rachel Hardie, NARS Lead Artist. “For medium skin tones, the peach tone really shines through and if you have a deep skin tone you achieve a beautiful golden hue.

The only downside to this palette is that it’s limited-edition and highly likely to sell out quickly. With this in mind, we tapped up two of our favourite makeup artists for their tips for sourcing the perfect shade of blush for you…


I Have A Fair Skin Tone…

Soft, rosy pink and peach tones might be the obvious go-to shades for you, but they’re not your only option. “Depending on the undertone of the person’s skin, and how naturally flush their cheeks get I might opt for a cool mauve,” says New York based makeup artist William Scott.

And, in terms of your texture choice, William recommends a sheer powder blush. “It can be layered to achieve just the right level of colour and life to the skin after applying foundation,” they add. 

Our favourite blushers for fair skin tones, include Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Blush in First Love, which gives cheeks the slightest hint of pink. If you prefer a liquid texture, look to Chantecaille Cheek Gelee in Happy. Press the gel-like formula onto your cheeks with clean fingers for that glow-from-within finish.  

I Have A Warm Skin Tone…

“Warm peach pigments will work best for you, but don’t go for anything too flashy or sparkly,” says makeup artist Pascale Poma. “Look for yummy, fruity colours to help make your skin pop.”

Velvety apricot hues and soft berry shades will give your skin a natural-looking warmth. Veer away from cool pastel tones as these can leave you looking ashy and washed-out.


If you have a warm skin tone and prefer powder blushers, look to Laura Mercier Blusher in Peach, which offers buildable coverage. Unsurprisingly, the brand’s Creme Cheek Colour is equally as good if you prefer cream textures. We love Sunrise for a warm berry shade.


I Have An Olive Skin Tone…

Similar to those with a warm skin tone, you should opt for rich hues. “Dullness can sometimes be an issue for olive complexions, so warm, orange tones will help add some brightness and radiance,” says Pascale.

While it might feel more natural to opt for a cream blusher to achieve a dewy glow, Pascale has an interesting rule of thumb. “If I’ve used foundation underneath I’ll opt for a silky powder, but if I’m applying blusher directly onto bare skin I like to use a cream texture,” he says.

For a warm, natural glow look no further than By Terry’s Brightening CC Blush, which lights up olive toned skin effortlessly. Apply one or two drops onto the apples of your cheeks for an effortless boost of colour and radiance. If Pascale has inspired you and you’re applying your blusher over foundation, try NARS Blush in Liberte.

I Have A Deep Skin Tone…

In my experience, a lot of blushes fail darker skin tones because the pigment in the pan doesn’t translate onto the skin,” says William. “I’d recommend avoiding blushers that use gold or orange shimmer as these often look too pale and unsaturated on their own.” Instead, they recommend opting for burnished terracotta tones and rich berry shades.

If you decide to go bright but apply too much, fear not as William as a clever trick. “Rub your hands together to warm them and then press your palms into your cheeks to take away some colour,” they say. “If there is still too much, use your foundation brush to erase.”


The makeup artist Bernicia Boateng loves the versatility of Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Blush in Grapevine. From a soft pink to a rich berry hue, this powder complements deep skin tones beautifully. If you’re looking for a cream texture in a bold shade, try Sisley-Paris Phyto Blush Twist in Fushia.

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