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Tried & Tested: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray


Makeup setting spray is one of those products that really comes into its own during the summer. When temperatures rise above 28 degrees celsius, it’s about the only thing that stops my foundation from sliding down my face. That and a portable air-con unit, of course. When Charlotte Tilbury announced that she was releasing her debut setting spray I was instantly intrigued. 

With her Airbrush range, Charlotte has created one of the most versatile foundations and lightest finishing powders I’ve ever tried. They’ve been firm favourites of mine since they launched one and two years ago respectively. The NEW Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray was unveiled with some big promises, including a 16 hour hold, so of course I wanted to put it to the test before it launched. Here are the three benefits that stood out for me…



It Hydrates & Primes

What I initially loved about this setting spray is it doubles up as a primer too. I tend to spritz it all over my face after my moisturiser, before I even look at my foundation or concealer. With aloe vera to help cool and smooth skin (particularly helpful when temperatures soar), Japanese green tea to hydrate and resin to help keep pores clear, the formula offers plenty of skincare benefits.  For me, it creates the perfect base on those mornings when you wake up and your skin already feels hot and bothered.


It Fuses Your Makeup Together 

Once you’ve sprayed it on over your makeup it seems to merge your foundation, concealer and powder together seamlessly. It almost softens your makeup and gives your skin that airbrushed glow. If you’re someone who likes the hold of powder, but struggles to achieve that fully buffed, invisible finish, then this spray will be a game-changer.



It Passes The Mask Test

Few of us could have predicted at the beginning of 2020 that we’d be food shopping in a mask. With the government’s announcement that face masks are to be mandatory in shops and supermarkets, never have I been more pleased for the launch of this setting spray.

I’m not prepared to have my makeup move on to my masks (especially not my gorgeous Silk Face Mask from SLIP) and I promise this spray successfully passes the transfer proof test. I can’t vouch for the 16 hour promise, but I managed to do my weekly food shop without my foundation sliding. 

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