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11 Of The Best Smelling Diptyque Candles

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Photography: Emma Palmer

Complete with an instantly recognisable chic and minimalistic aesthetic,  who doesn’t love a Diptyque candle or three?  With scents ranging from subtle smoky (Feu de Bois) to an outright floral explosion (Tuberose) landing on the perfect scent to burn or gift can be tricky.  To make things a little easier, here’s our guide to how 11 of our favourites actually smell…

Baies Scented Candle

Smells like: A British garden in full bloom

One of the most well-known Diptyque scents, you’ll have a tricky job finding someone who doesn’t love this sweet smelling delight. Think English summertime garden with plenty of pretty petals and green foliage. You can also try Gardenia if you like blossoming flowers…

Figuier Scented Candle

Smells like: Sun-soaked fig trees

Looking for a candle to light for these upcoming summer evenings? This one’s a wise choice. Inspired by the Diptyque’s founders love of Greece and summer spent seeking shade beneath a fig tree, this one’s a woody smell which is warmed by the rays of the Mediterranean sun.


Feu de Bois Scented Candle

Smells like: Roaring open fires

With a name that translates to ‘wood fire’, this one’s exactly that. If you haven’t got an open fire of your own, this is your next best bet. It’s another iconic scent which is warm, comforting and best for those colder months.

Ambre Scented Candle

Smells like: Faintly burning incense

For something more subtle, try Ambre. It’s warm and woody with a little spice. Imagine you can faintly smell your neighbours burning incense. It also comes in a stained cognac-coloured glass jar too.

Roses Scented Candle

Smells like: Rose bushes

Nothing says spring more like rose bushes in full bloom. This floral candle will fill any space with the uplifting scent of freshly cut roses even if your vase happens to be empty… More of a lover of freesias? Try this.

Tubereuse Scented Candle

Smells like: A beautiful white bouquet

Another bestseller, this one screams freshly snipped white florals. If you’re looking to gift someone, this one’s sure to go down well – particularly with newlyweds…


Genevrier / Juniper Scented Candle

Smells like: The great outdoors

Get that fresh outdoorsy feeling by lighting this invigorating candle which is quite literally like a breath of fresh woodland air. It will instantly uplift your mood…

Feuille de Lavande Scented Candle

Smells like: Cut grass and fresh flowers

Ever wondered what the fields of Provence smell like? Well this comes pretty close. It’s fresh and sweet yet green and grassy.


Mimosa Scented Candle

Smells like: A glorious summer’s day

Another bright and floral choice, this sweet-smelling candle is like sunshine on a grey day – perfect for our unpredictable British summertime. Many say this reminds them being at the beach (think sea salt and sunscreen!) so if there’s a candle for those feeling blue about postponed summer adventures, it’s probably this.

Choisya Scented Candle

Smells like: Freshly ripened oranges

Popular amongst those who have a penchant for citrusy scents, this one smells exactly like an orange grove in full bloom. Other zesty ones you’re likely to enjoy are Oyedo and Verveine.


Pomander Scented Candle 

Smells like: Christmas with all the trimmings

Missing those cosy winter evenings? Relive them with this festive-inspired fragrance of mulled cider, roaring fires, fresh oranges and toasted cinnamon.

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