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Dr. Barbara Sturm On Speedy Skin Routines

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As one of the world’s most renowned aesthetic doctors it might not surprise you to learn that Dr. Barbara Sturm takes her skincare routine very seriously. That’s not to say she spends hours liberally layering and massaging in products though. In fact, her entire routine takes just a couple of minutes, even on a Sunday. 

With a successful global business, she’s constantly on-the-go with a five-year old in tow too. As a result Dr. Sturm relies heavily on her own eponymous skincare line to keep her skin smooth, hydrated and firm to ensure she can maximise her free time with her family. And, there are definitely a few expert tricks we can all take away from her routine… 

On Lessons Learnt From Her Mother…

I learned from my mum that healthy, hydrated skin doesn’t require makeup and is beautiful on its own. And that is a central premise of my skincare line and approach as a doctor. I focus on the health of my skin, and view healthy skin as beautiful, glowing skin that I feel confident in.

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On Kicking Back After A Stressful Week…

I do sports, some yoga and I spend time with my family. My husband and I take a sauna. I’ll take more time on my bodycare and dry brush. and I like to apply my Face Mask for an extra glow. I like to relax by reading; at the moment I’m reading a book by the Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti called “Freedom from The Known”.

On Falling Asleep During Story Time…

I like to go to bed early when I can, and I try not to look at my phone one hour before bedtime to allow my mind to switch off and avoid additional HEV light exposure. I prefer to read and will always put my five-year-old to bed – very often I fall asleep next to her.

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On Speedy Skincare Routines…

Like most people, I’m always on-the-go so I need my routine to work for me. I cleanse with my Cleanser. Immediately after showering – which is important to avoid trans-epidermal water loss, I apply my toner, then Hyaluronic Serum and Anti-Pollution Drops, Face Cream and Eye Cream. Generally speaking, my entire routine takes only one to two minutes.

On Mid-Week Skin Boosters…

A few days a week, I apply my hydrating Face Mask first thing in the morning, while drinking my latte and responding to overnight emails. Twice a week, I’ll either use the Facial Scrub or Enzyme Cleanser in the shower on my face and body to remove dead skin, boost circulation and encourage skin renewal.

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On Short Hair Wins…

With short, white and slightly punk rock hair, I don’t take much time on my hair routine. I do love Olaplex though, it’s a company co-created by my dear friend Tracey Cunningham and the formulas are great. If I do use a styling product it’ll be Virtue 6-in-1 Styler.

On Monday Mornings…

Unless I have to catch a flight, I never set an alarm and always wake up early. I’m definitely a morning person. First, I’ll cuddle my five year old and then I’ll make soy lattes with lots of foam for both my husband and myself, and read and respond to emails while I drink my it. Afterwards, I like to exercise.

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