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Arabella Preston On Her Tricks For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Photography: Emma Palmer

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as simple as lying down and closing your eyes for some people. In fact, over a third of the UK struggle to get 40 winks every night and the warmer weather can make it even trickier throughout summer. If you’re someone who can relate to endlessly tossing and turning during the night, British makeup artist and co-founder of Votary, Arabella Preston pre-bedtime ritual might give you some food for thought.

With the focus on de-stressing and calming her mind before mind, almost all of us can take something from Arabella’s guide to getting a good night’s sleep…

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Look At Your Daily Routine As A Whole…

When you’re struggling to sleep it can be tempting just to focus on the hour or two before bed, but I find looking at my day overall helpful. I try to move as much as possible throughout the day, manage my stress levels and eat three proper meals. All easier said than done, but being conscious of it can help I promise!

Taking A Bath Isn’t A Sleep Myth…

Summer or winter, my evenings always start with a hot bath. The earlier in the evening the better. I do a preliminary cleanse before I get in, then smooth three to four drops of Votary Cleansing Oil over my face and chest and leave it on my skin while I soak. I remove it with a face cloth just before I get out.

I love to use an oil-rich body scrub like Mauli Reawaken on my arms and legs too – I also love the brand’s nourishing hair oil. I like my skin to feel smooth and nourished after my bath.

Neither Is Switching Off Your Phone…

Whenever I’m feeling particularly stressed I try to switch my phone off in the evening. Watching an episode of Parks and Recreation usually does the trick too.


Adopt An Evening Skincare Ritual…

After my evening bath, I press Votary Super Seed Serum into my skin – it feels lovely and cooling, followed by a few drops of Votary Intense Night Oil and a sweep of Intense Eye Oil.

If my skin is feeling out-of-sorts I actually take steps out of my skincare routine. Keeping things simple is just the answer for stressed out skin. I will only do one cleanse and apply a facial oil afterwards. And, if my skin is feeling a little dull I use a few drops of Tan-Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Serum to wake up looking glowy.

Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Scents…

They can be incredibly effective at helping to calm a whirling mind. Aromatherapy is about connecting memory and emotion. If my bedroom smells of Votary Pillow Spray then all the right associations start to come into play and start to focus my mind on relaxing and de-stressing from the day.

Save Your Stretching For The Morning…

I find stretching before bed a little too invigorating, so I tend to stretch in the morning instead. More often than not, I collapse into bed and read a few pages of a book before my eyes droop. I keep a hydrating hand cream by my bed as I can’t sleep if my skin feels dry. I like Susanne Kaufman Nourishing Hand Cream.

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