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Bianca Foley On Daily Self-Care Rituals

Photography: Emma Palmer

It’s safe to say that most of us could benefit from some regular self-care. A chance to press pause and reset. Yet, the pressure of scheduling in time to ‘relax’ can have the opposite effect and add to your stress levels. The fashion stylist and blogger, Bianca Foley knows only too well the struggles of fitting self-care into a hectic schedule. “Throughout lockdown, I have worked full time alongside shooting content and recording a podcast. Like most office workers now working from home, the lines have become blurred,” says Bianca. “Working longer hours and being at home has meant that it is harder to find time to switch off.” 

After months of lockdown, Bianca has managed to weave self-care into her routine with it feeling like a chore. Here are her tips for achieving it…


Rethink Your Time Management

As time at home has gone on, I’ve been making a conscious effort to start and stop work (more or less) on time. I’ve also started giving myself a little more structure with my self-care so that I have some me-time every single day. For instance, I’m part of a live Instagram workout group and recently bought a Peloton bike in a bid to get more active. Movement is so important for your mental wellbeing as well as physical and I for one feel the difference if I haven’t made time to be active for a whole week. 

Find Your ‘Thing’

I think a lot of people still see self-care as face masks and long baths (even though that is totally my thing), but it is so personal. It can be baking a cake, going for a run or even having a long chat with a friend. To me, self-care means doing something that brings you a little slice of joy in an incredibly hectic world.  We are all so busy and constantly ‘connected’.

Finding little moments in your day to take a step back and be truly present can be so beneficial not only for your mental health and wellbeing, but for your work productivity.

Make It A Daily Ritual

Once you’ve found what works for you try to make time for it every day. I like to stick on an audiobook and take my dogs for a long walk. It’s a quick fix and helps me to focus on what is happening around me. If I’m feeling particularly frazzled, I will take some time to lay down and meditate with some calming essential oils in an ioniser. I find that taking even 10 minutes to be really still helps silence my inner chaos and bring me back to centre.  


Setting The Mood Really Helps

I’m really big on candles and essential oils, some evenings my flat resembles something of a high-end spa and it just makes me so happy. My go-to is a hair mask and a long soak in the bath with loads of oils. Oribe Signature Moisture Mask is my go-to as it leaves my hair silky and locks some much-needed moisture into my curls. 

In terms of my bath, Ren Clean Skincare makes a gorgeous Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil, which I massage in. I’m not the world’s best sleeper so I rely on eye masks to help give the illusion that I’ve had a good night’s sleep, so I’ll wear Patchology Illuminating Eye Gels at least once a week in the bath.

After a long relaxing soak, I spritz myself with Clean Reserve Avant Garden Muguet & Skin Eau de Parfum. The smell is so luxurious, it is deep and woody which I love. You get little hints of the Rose Otto peeking through too. 

Don’t Forget To Log-Off

As a black content creator, June was a particularly emotional month. If I’m totally honest, I found it was better to create some space between my real and online life to allow myself time to fully digest everything that’s going on. Doing so allowed me to answer questions more thoughtfully and be able to address my audience from a better headspace.

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