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As longtime fans of Rixo London’s original hand-painted prints and timeless silhouettes, we couldn’t wait to catch up with co-founder, Henrietta Rix, to pick her beauty brains and find out how she winds down on a Sunday.

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The Wind Down

Orlagh [Rixo London co-founder] and I live together so we have really similar routines. We have to travel a lot for work, but if we’re at home, we spend Sunday morning in the gym before meeting up with friends. Orlagh’s got a twin sister and we’ll often meet up with her and her flatmate and go for a coffee in Parsons Green and then maybe head to a vintage fayre. We always try to go around about midday, towards the end, because that’s when you get the best deals. Some people like to get there for the start but I always think if you know what you’re looking for then it’s best to go at the end. Ideally, we’ll get home around 6pm but if we’ve had a late lunch it will most likely be about 7pm. We’ll watch a bit of TV before heading upstairs to start our Sunday evening beauty ritual.

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The Routine

Our evening ritual takes place upstairs in the bathroom. We’ve recently moved flats and our new place is spacious and modern. We’ve got a big mirror above the sink and cabinets at either side with all our beauty goodies laid out, so we can do our evening skincare routines and chat at the same time.

The first thing I do, before putting my pyjamas on, is thoroughly cleanse my face. I love Eve Lom’s gentle balm cleanser, which I remove with a muslin cloth. After cleansing, I use a spritz spray toner to freshen up my face, followed by a hydrating serum. I’m lucky because my skin is fairly laid back, I only really ever get breakouts if I’m stressed and I’d say my skin tends to be more dry than oily, so on a Sunday when I have more time to pamper I’ll pop a balancing sheet mask on. The final and probably most important step in my skincare routine is to apply moisturiser. I love trying out new products and if someone in the office recommends something I’m always keen to try it but I am really wedded to my skincare routine. So, regardless of brand or product, I always use a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser. Every night. I don’t wear that much makeup, and so a good skincare routine is key for me.

I love the idea of taking a long relaxing bath, but I actually get a bit bored, so even on a Sunday night I perfect to have a shower. Before I turn on the water, I apply Ren’s gorgeous  Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub all over my body using a hand mitt. I always wash my hair at night and when it comes to haircare, I prefer to use natural and organic products. I don’t like to dye my hair too often, I tend to keep it to a minimum of twice a year and for the rest of the time I leave it ombre with natural blonde highlights. My hair is quite thin and so after washing it, I’ll rough dry it with a towel and apply hair oil to the lengths and ends. Hair oil is a really important step in my routine as my hair would be really dry without it. Once my hair is about 80% dry, I plait it and leave it to fully dry. That way, when I take it out it’s not poker straight but has a nice natural wave to it. I’ll comb it through gently with a Tangle Teezer.

After showering, one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday night is to apply a body oil. It feels so indulgent after a shower, you smell so nice and your skin feels baby soft. I love putting on clean pyjamas and climbing into a freshly made bed.

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Before bed, I’ll do a little bit of work. I get my laptop out, sort through my emails and prepare Rixo’s Instagram posts for the week ahead – that way I know that everything is ready to go on Monday morning.

I have to confess, I’m really bad and always have an English breakfast tea before I go to bed. I know some people are like, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you do that!” But I need a builder’s tea and if there’s no milk in the house I properly freak out.

When it comes to sleep I am a bit of a tosser and a turner, especially if I’ve got a big work project on or I’m about to start designing a new collection. Recently, Orlagh and I have got into this thing where we try and do a 20-minute mediation before bed. It sounds a bit pretentious, but we met a lady who showed us how to gently massage the back of your head with a tennis ball and it really helps you to relax. I light a candle and take this time to really let go.

I Keep This Works Pillow Spray on my bedside table, and always spritz my pillow last thing at night as well as applying a generous helping of lip balm to my lips.

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Monday Morning

I’m not a natural early riser so I set an alarm for 7am on Monday morning. I always feel really excited to get into the office as we have our weekly trade meeting with the whole team in the afternoon and I get to catch up with everyone and find out how we’ve performed in the previous week.

My morning beauty routine is very quick. I don’t wear makeup to the office in the daytime so I just have a shower, cleanse, tone and moisturise. The office is only 10 minutes away, so it’s a fairly relaxed start to the day.

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