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Carisa Janes On Perfecting Your Lighting

Photography: Emma Palmer

Whether you use Zoom or FaceTime to catch up with friends and family, you’ve probably noticed that there is a huge difference between good lighting and not so good lighting. The former can leave you with a radiant glow, while the latter can make you look washed out and tired. In the midst of lockdown Tom Ford shared his tips for looking good on a Zoom call with the New York Times. His second point emphasised the importance of lighting: “The lamp should be in line with and slightly behind the computer so the light falls nicely on your face.”

Tom Ford isn’t the only person to appreciate the importance of good lighting, Carisa Janes created Hourglass – and the iconic Ambient Lighting Powders – with it in mind. Who better to ask how we can all up our game? To celebrate the launch of the NEW Ambient Lighting Edit – Sculpture, we asked Carisa for her insider tricks. Read on for top tips on creating the illusion of flattering light wherever you are…


Pink Light Bulbs Have Their Uses…

The importance of good lighting was impressed upon me from a very young age. Growing up, my mother had pink light bulbs in our home. She was always very focused on beauty and wanted to cast herself in the most flattering light. It was an unusual design decision, but pink bulbs really do make you look great! 

Lamps Aren’t Just For Show…

If you want to create a flattering light in your home my tip would be to invest in a few good table lamps. Overhead lighting casts shadows that bring out wrinkles, imperfections and under eye circles – things most of us want to obscure. Table lamps give at a horizontal wash of light that softens and blurs the complexion.

You Can Cheat The Effects Of Good Lighting…

The right formula can flatter the complexion by manipulating and filtering out harsh light – that’s the concept behind our Ambient Lighting Powders. Using an ingredient called Photoluminescent Technology, they create a natural glow that makes the skin look softer, younger and perfectly lit. It’s like applying an Instagram filter with a powder brush.


A Good Concealer Can Work Miracles…

I’m someone who loves makeup, so my bag is always reliably full. I keep Vanish Airbrush Concealer and the Vanish Seamless Finish Concealer Brush on hand for touch-ups, especially at the end of a long day. Together they work wonders to brighten tired-looking eyes, even under bad lighting..

Fixing Spray Is Another Makeup Essential…

The first step in my makeup routine is always Veil Mineral Primer. It creates a smooth, even canvas for makeup and conceals redness, pores and wrinkles. It also contains SPF 15, so it gives me added protection while locking my makeup in place. And, it does this without leaving my skin looking dull. There’s a reason it’s been a bestseller for 10 years straight.

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