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Liz Hambleton

What does Liz Hambleton, Group Beauty Director of beauty bookings site Treatwell, rely on to supercharge her Sundays? Bath oils, straightforward skincare and Coco the cat…


The Wind Down

I start winding down at around 9pm on a Sunday night. I’m usually very tired and ready to chill, after having had a very physical weekend with my horses and done a long motorway drive back to my cottage in Buckinghamshire. I have a super early start on Mondays so I know I will need all the help I can come morning. I always think a few clever tricks done the night before can really make the difference, so mostly my routine is about making me look and feel relaxed and rested; glowing skin is always the aim with the products I use. My Sunday night features loads of candles. I have a bath in candlelight and then don’t have any lights on for the entire evening to keep things cosy and zen.  I don’t play any music while I’m relaxing and am much more likely to be watching something like Made in Chelsea or Real Housewives of Orange County to help me just switch off. I tend to drink lots of Yogi tea on a Sunday night and normally chill upstairs in my bedroom with Coco my cat for the entire evening. She’s my favourite Sunday evening companion.


The Routine

I do a light cleanse with a light gel cleanser and then follow that with a acid based exfoliating cleanser. Next I’ll pop on a face mask — my skin is good generally but can be a little tight after being out in the elements riding all weekend so it needs a little TLC. I always apply a tanning oil to my face and neck on a Sunday, just to make me look less tired on Monday morning . And I love Rodin Geranium & Orange Blossom Luxury Face Oil as a Sunday treat. I have learnt the hard way and through 12 years in this industry that sticking to a simple regime is best for the skin and although I do switch up serums sometimes, I never change my cleansing routine as I find this is far important to the quality of my skin than my serum. I always want to look glowing and fresh and I know by now know what works for my skin.


I tend to have a shower as soon as I finish riding on a Sunday afternoon and then I look forward to having a bath with a nice oil in it later on. I’m bit lazy in the week with hydration so Sunday is when my body gets hydrated! My cat Coco loves to chill on the side of the bath with me and it’s a real ritual for us. We actually do it every night but it feels much-needed on a Sunday. Once I’m out of the bath I like a luxe body lotion and anything from Caudalie is a favourite. I have a tight edit of products in general. Call it a reaction to my job but I hate having lots of products knocking around or on show. Hair washing is a quick job for me – I love Ouai at the moment. I always air-dry it on a Sunday night and apply a little oil but I don’t style it at all so it’s fairly low maintenance.



I do yoga before bed about three times a week and have always done a regular self practice. On a Sunday I will stretch out but not do a full session. I get into bed at 10pm and generally watch TV to chill out. Before lights out I love a spritz of This Works Deep Sleep Plus + Spray, as well as a relaxing candle and a little extra layer of body oil.  I sleep well and fall asleep easily but I am not good at going to bed early. I get sucked into boxsets and pottering until 1am on Sunday at least. Oh, and I can’t sleep unless Coco is on the bed and sleeping next to me!


Monday Morning

I have a 6am alarm on a Monday morning and although I wish it wasn’t so, I’m a snoozer and always feel tired and like I want to go back to bed! Because of that I always have a strong black coffee as soon as I wake up. Then I put some chicken into cook for Coco and do three heart opening yoga moves or backbends. Then I wash my face and the day starts.


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