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Nancy Twine On Combination Skin

Nancy Twine Sunday Sessions

In 2013, Nancy Twine changed the landscape of the natural hair industry when she launched Briogeo. After struggling to find efficacious shop-bought products that really worked, Nancy went back to her roots and started blending the formulas she used to help her grandmother make in West Virginia. What started as a one-woman-band in her New York studio evolved into a global success with the help of a rockstar team of cosmetic chemists specialising in natural beauty. 

While Nancy is still very much at the helm, she also values the importance of kicking back on a Sunday, indulging in some nostalgia and taking a little bit more time on her hair and skin. Here’s how she relaxes…

nancy twine sunday sessions

On Sunday Evening Massages…

I start to wind down at about 7pm and try to get to bed by 10pm on Sundays to start my week off right with 8 hours of sleep. I get a massage at about 5pm and that is really where I start the wind down process and ritual. 

On Prepping For The Week Ahead…

I used to really get the Sunday blues a while ago but learned that if you set your week ahead up on Fridays that it really helps to increase the excitement for the start of the working week. Set up your agenda, calls and meetings to help give you clarity for the week ahead and how it will look. And, clean your inbox. That’s a Friday must to feel good about your weekend. 

Nancy Twine Sunday Sessions

On Routines For Combination Skin…

I’m looking for skin that I can feel good in without makeup. Generally I have combination skin – a dry, peeling nose with an oily T-zone – which is why I like acid treatments. I use Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum and then the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil. And, obviously Briogeo B.Well Castor Oil goes on my lashes and brows each night. I try to tap product into my face versus rubbing and I use a rose quartz roller every morning to help with absorption. It’s great for giving skin a boost without pulling on it.  

On Nostalgic Sunday Evenings…

On a Sunday, I have more time for myself and limit commitments throughout the day in general. That way I can control my day and enjoy my time. Sunday is my day for in-depth hair and face treatments, including masks. The goal is to give myself more time and attention. Really pay yourself back one day a week. I like to listen to 90s soulful R&B music. I loved it back then and I love it now – it’s a bit of nostalgia. 

Nancy Twine Sunday Sessions

On Scrubs And Masking…

I take showers, I have no time for baths! I’m a fan of sugar scrubs that you can use in the shower. I love the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish and also the Coconut Milk Bath Soak. For hair, I love our Scalp Revival Exfoliating Shampoo and then the Don’t Despair, Repair! Conditioning Mask.

On Early Nights…

As I mentioned, I try to get into bed at around 10pm on Sundays, as opposed to 11.30pm on weekdays. I have no TV on at all, instead I call friends when I’m in bed. I 100% need ear plugs to be able to sleep in complete silence. Ideally I’d love  to get seven hours sleep but I can function on three. I’m a medium sleeper, I think the ear plugs help.

Nancy Twine Sunday Sessions

On Alternative Medicines…

I also make myself a green juice each day then I take turmeric, biotin, vitamin C, just to name a few. I’m also into acupuncture and so for part of that I take Chinese herbs and tinctures at night. 

On Monday Mornings…

My alarm is set for 6:30am. I feel energised and ready partly due to my Sunday routine but I progressively get out of bed over a 10-minute time frame; I ease into it. I stretch, do some yoga positions and when I have time meditate. Otherwise I go right into washing my face post stretching. My morning makeup routine consists of Cover FX Foundation, the Ilia Illuminator and then the Ilia Lip Conditioner.

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