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Finding Your Summer Scent

fresh fragrance

There’s so much more to picking the perfect summer scent than meets the nose. Of course the fragrance needs to be lightweight, floral or citrusy, but it also needs to wear well on warm summer skin, be able to travel safely in our hand luggage and keep us feeling fresh even in the highest heat and humidity. Below, we share some top tips for finding the perfect summer scent.

A Scents of Summer

When the weather gets warmer, heavier or more intense fragrances with deeper notes of musk, incense or spice can sometimes become cloying and overpowering. Instead switch out these heady fragrances with lighter, more delicate alternatives with floral or fresh and zingy citrus notes.

Best Floral Notes: Look for white floral fragrances, such as magnolia, honeysuckle, freesia.

Best Citrus Notes: Look for fresh green notes such as grapefruit, lemon, orange, bergamot.

Eaux Yes!

When it comes to formula, pay attention to the concentration of the essence in the product you’re purchasing. Fragrances that are called Perfume have the highest concentration of aromatic essence, boasting as much as 40%, while Eau de Parfums have between 15% and 20%. In the summer months, you might prefer to opt for a lighter formula, such as an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne, which are less concentrated and have between 7% – 10% of essence.

The only issue with less concentrated fragrances is that they tend to evaporate off skin more readily, and in warmer summer temperatures this is likely to happen more quickly. There are however other ways to enhance a fragrance without wearing a highly concentrated formula.

Body Lotions and Oils: There’s something really luxurious about stepping out of the shower and slathering skin in a scented body lotion or oil. Hydrated skin holds fragrance for longer so a body lotion or oil is a great way to get more out of your fragrance but also allows you to wear scent without being too overpowering.

We love: Caudalie’s Thé des Vignes Body and Hair Nourishing Oil with its delicate blend of orange blossom, white musk and jasmine.

Jo Loves Pomelo Body Lotion inspired by a summer holiday, this lightweight lotion is fresh with top notes of pink pomelo and rose.

Diptyque Fresh Body Lotion – Famous French fragrance house Diptyque has created this moisture-rich body lotion which envelops skin with the energising yet soft scent of orange blossoms.

Hair Fragrance: The perfect finishing touch, hair fragrances cling to hair fibres and release a subtle waft of fragrance that gently disperses with your hair’s natural movement. They are also the ideal beauty accessory for festivals when you don’t want to carry weighty glass vessels or weddings when there’s not a lot of space in your clutch. Top up your fragrance in seconds by spritzing to the lengths and ends of hair.

We love: Byredo Gypsy Water Hair Perfume  – a bouquet of delicate blooms with the familiar scents of pine needle, sandalwood and lemon.

Where To Wear?

For the biggest perfume payoff, always apply fragrance to areas of the body where there is strong circulation and warmth. So the backs of the wrists, on the throat, behind the ears and knees and inside the elbows. If you do have concerns about lightweight perfumes evaporating off while you’re wearing them, top-up wherever you may be with a mini perfume oil from Malin + Goetz ,  Kabuki Perfume from Byredo or Body Spray from Jo Loves. These portable perfumes are easy to apply on-the-go and great for giving fading fragrance an extra boost.

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