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While a fringe is a great way to make a statement, it’s not necessarily the most straight forward hairstyle to maintain. We explore the benefits of a fringe, the cuts to flatter your face shape, styling tricks to help keep the dream alive after you’ve left the salon and the best primping products to keep your fringe looking fresh. Read on for expert advice on how to master the art of the fringe…

Who Suits Fringes?

If you’re looking to update your hairstyle but don’t want to go shorter or embark on a drastic  colour change, a fringe is an instant gamechanger. “When people come into the salon in search of a transformation, a fringe is always the first option I suggest,” says Valentina Ingrosso Hair Stylist at Windle & Moodie, Covent Garden. Contrary to popular belief, a fringe can work for everyone – it’s all about choosing the right cut to complement your face shape. “A fringe will suit most clients,” explains Valentina, “but particularly those with a full head of hair.” A well thought-out fringe can take years off women who want to look more youthful, camouflage a high forehead or frown lines, help make long, thin faces appear fuller and perfectly frame facial features and make eyes pop.

What Fringe Would Suit Me?

“Soft, round fringes are definitely trending right now,” says Valentia and, happily, this tapered, feathered style suits most face shapes. However, fringes do have a tendency to make circular faces appear wider, so in this instance Valentina suggests opting for a side-sweep or arched style to better complement your bone structure. If your face is long and narrow you can be more experimental and go for a strong blunt cut or micro fringe that sits just below the brows to fill out your face more. You’ll notice your fringe growing much more than the rest of your hair as all of a sudden you’ll find yourself brushing it out of your eyes or tucking it behind your ears. Therefore, regular trims are in order. We recommend getting your fringe trimmed every two to three weeks. A quick trim is also a great way to refresh your look without having to have a major haircut. You’ll find that most hairdressers offer a complimentary fringe cut service, so it shouldn’t cost the earth or take as long as tour normal salon appointment.

How Often Should I Wash My Fringe?

If your hair gets greasy quickly, you may find that your fringe starts to split and look limp the day after you have washed it. In this instance, turn to dry shampoo. There are many different formulas to choose from, but for fringes, we like Ouai’s innovative foam formulation, which effectively absorbs excess oil and refreshes hair with a just-showered shine but without leaving a textured, powdery residue.

Excess oil from your forehead can also cause your fringe to appear more greasy than normal, which means you might prefer to shampoo your fringe. You can do this easily without having to wash the rest of your hair. Simply use a comb to section off your fringe, tie the rest of your hair back and shampoo over the sink with warm water. Leave off the conditioner so as not to weigh the hair down and make it greasy again.

How To Style My Fringe?

When it comes to drying, it’s important to blowdry your fringe as soon as possible after washing, especially if your hair is not naturally poker straight, as letting it airdry allows kinks or waves to set in. While your hair is still damp, spritz with  Ouai Memory Mist – a lightweight heat protectant spray that ‘remembers’ each strand’s position and helps hair stay in shape between shampoos. Valentina recommends drying the hair directly from above, aiming the nozzle of the hairdryer straight down from the root to the tip.

Brush the hair forward first, then to one side and finally to the opposite side to help achieve the perfect shape and encourage the hair to fall just right. If you need extra volume, try blowdrying or shaping your fringe around a slim round brush for extra volume. Once dry, switch your hairdyer to cool and blast your fringe for a few seconds to set the style. If you prefer a more lived-in, textured finish to your hair, blast with Windle & Moodie Matte Texture Spray to help build volume and body. Always finish your style with a spritz of flexi-hold hairspray to help maintain a smooth and polished fringe.

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