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Grown Up Glitter


A sprinkling of glitter or a touch of sparkle added to your beauty look is guaranteed to fast track you into the Christmas spirit and make everything feel that bit more magical. Don’t panic though – while the thought of glitter may reawaken memories of teenage makeup mishaps, recently glitter has come of age with an array of subtle and stylish takes on the trend and new easy-to-use formulations that make it more wearable than ever. Whether it’s glittery makeup, glitzy nails or a dash of shimmer in your hair, a touch of the shiny stuff makes the perfect finishing touch to your festive look. We’re here to challenge its (undeserved) bad rep, share our favourite products for creating a grown-up glitter look and show why the addition of a little twinkle to your party style celebrates the feel-good frivolity of the season…

Glitter Shadow

Liner, lids and shadows reign supreme as the most popular way to rock the glitter makeup trend. Glitter first-timer? Ease yourself in “by sweeping a thin line just behind the lashes for a fleck of glitter that will sparkle and pop when you blink,” suggests Sascha Jackson, Stila UK’s Lead Pro Artist. Or try dabbing a little on the inner corner of the eye for a mini highlight. “For those who aren’t willing to go full-glitter, shimmer is a great alternative,” says Viviana Martin, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty’s Director of Pro Artistry. To create a sultry, expensive look Viviana recommends tapping a gloss like Kevyn Aucoin’s Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss all over the eye. It could also be layered on top of glitter to add impact. To take things up a notch try encircling the eye with a holographic pigment for an out-of-this-world finish. We love Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows to adorn eyes with a dazzle of jewel-like lustre that dries down quickly so you won’t end up with fall out down your cheeks during the day. For a dual-toned effect layer up with Tom Ford’s Cream and Powder Eye Colour.

Glitter Lips

Our favourite way to wear lipstick this season is packed with glitter for a truly mesmerising party mouth. Take inspiration from the catwalks and go for a full-coverage, layered look by slicking on a clear gloss and then press patting in glitter pigment for a bold finish. “Glitter lips are surprisingly easy to wear,” says Jennifer Evans, Director of Artistry for Lipstick Queen. “They’re futuristic but won’t overwhelm the rest of your look.” If you go for a bright or bold shade keep the rest of your makeup fresh because you want the shine on your lip to be the focus of your look advises Jennifer. If the thought of a full glitter mouth is a little overwhelming, apply a flick of highlight over your cupid’s bow for a nod towards the trend, or top off your favourite lipstick with a slick of Lipstick Queen’s multi-dimensional Altered Universe glosses for a beautiful, celestial finish. Alternatively Kevyn Aucoin’s The Molten Gems Liquid Lipstick, which is made up of super-fine pearls.

Glitter Hair

Last year glitter roots were the style-du-jour if a little tricky to wear, but the latest incarnation of the trend is a delicate all-over scattering of the twinkly stuff. To avoid it accumulating too heavily in one area, reach for a shimmer spray that makes application easy. IGK’s Pre Party Glitter Spray works like a highlighter for your locks, diffusing a finely milled pigment over each strand bouncing light and strobing the hair. Think radiant, shimmer rather than intense glitter. “Try wearing it in unexpected places like hidden between layers at the side of your head,” says Franck Izquierdo, Co-Founder of IGK. “It’s completely buildable so you can coat it over a styling cream or balm to make it look more opaque.”

Glitter Nails

Glitter nails have the enchanting ability to span the full beauty spectrum; from maximalist mega-watt bling to a glitzy accent nail or a simple swipe across your tips, there is something to suit every taste. If you’re after an understated interpretation, Nails Inc founder Thea Green advises starting with a nude base layer and swiping the tip of your nail with a glittery top coat, so you can build up layers until you achieve your desired finish. Make sure you always seal the tips of your nails with a top coat to prevent glitter chipping or peeling away. For high shine sequins Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Shattered Souls is our go-to or for something iridescent we love Nails Inc in The Reflectors Primrose Street.

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