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If the depressing drizzle has got you seeking the shelter of a hat, you may find that by the time you reach your destination, your hair is a little worse for wear. Conquer the consequences with our top hat tricks and product suggestions.

Don’t Lose Your Va-Va-Voom

One of the main concerns with wearing a hat is that hair can be left looking a little flat. Avoid limp locks by using a volume-boosting shampoo; we love Living Proof’s Full range. Powered by thickening and cleansing agents, the shampoo not only works to clean hair but leaves it fuller and thicker. Next, spritz damp hair with Rossano Ferretti Grandioso Volumising Spray. If you’re not au fait with the Italian haircare range, the first thing you’ll notice is the way it leaves your hair (and hat) smelling like a seductive mix of warm bergamot and rich amber. Mist through damp hair from root to tip to add natural volume and protect it from the damaging effects of blow-drying and heat styling.

Don’t Air Dry

Leaving the house with damp hair in winter is a no-no, but leaving hair to air dry under a hat is asking for trouble. We suggest towel-drying with Aquis Hair Turban Lisse Luxe AKA the cleverest towel on the market, which cuts drying-time by 50% and protects hair with a unique fibre called AQUITEX. Finish by tipping your head upside down and blasting the roots with the T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer until bone dry.

Tip Top Condition

Hair that’s been in close contact with a hat is likely to pick up static energy and stand on end. Hats made from 100% natural fibres like wool and cotton are best, as they won’t create as much but it’s worth remembering that hair tends to go static when it’s on the dry side. A good way to combat this is by adding a slick of moisture before pulling on your beanie. Run a couple of pumps of Philip B Lovin’ Leave-in Conditioner through the lengths and ends of hair before sealing the deal.

Its unique amino acid complex combined with soy and wheat proteins nourishes and moisturises, keeping flyaways under control. Spritzing roots with hairspray just before you leave the house is another quick option that works really well.

Travel Companions

Because there’s no way of telling how your hairstyle will fare under there, it’s worth putting together an arsenal of touch-up tools to have on hand if hair needs a little finessing on arrival. We’ve found the following come in handy:

Tangle Teezer Silver Starlite Compact Styler: this compact little comb fits into your handbag and makes light work of taming windswept hair.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: perfect for adding a little oomph to lacklustre locks and absorbing excess oil that may have accumulated in roots.

Living Proof Humidity Shield: protects against humidity while its unique static control sees to any stand-up ends.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil: smooth dry, coarse ends in an instant with this silky dry oil, which sinks into hair without weighing it down or making it greasy.

If all else fails, take a cue from French women who are famous for their laissez-faire approach to wearing their hair however it falls, with little to no coiffuring. A slick of red lipstick worn with confidence and a smile seems to suffice as a pretty strong B game.

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