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Layering Your Bodycare

layering your bodycare

When it comes to treating a loved one (or yourself) there’s nothing like an indulgent bath or body product to instantly lift your spirits. And while you may have experimented with traditional fragrance layering of your favourite perfumes before, the same techniques can also be applied to your body to create a uniquely olfactory experience (perfect for a spot of Mother’s Day pampering). From salts and lotions in your bath to oils and mists on your skin, you can play with and combine textures and product types to suit you. Here’s how…

Layering Bath Products

Instantly calming, the relaxing feeling when you’re immersed in a cloud of beautifully scented steam from a frothy bath is hard to beat. As well as being mentally soothing, a scented soak is also the best way to introduce the base layer of fragrance to your regime while it delivers skin benefits. If smooth and scented skin is your goal, then the gently exfoliating properties of a handful of salts in your tub work well; we love the blend of thirteen oils including lavender, patchouli and jasmine in Mauli’s Himalayan Healing Salts.

For added hydration to parched skin, a rich bath cream such as Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath will leave skin feeling velvety almost instantly. Enriched with sweet almond, tonka bean and coconut milk, you only need one swirl of the indulgent cream for a fragrant layer of skin-nourishing bubbles. If it’s an intense hit of fragrance and deep cleansing you need, then try a bath and shower gel like Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel, which is infused with a powerful aroma-therapeutic blend of rosemary, grapefruit and juniper essential oils.

Fragranced Body Oils

“There is no right or wrong way to layer fragrance onto your skin, though you may want to consider textures in your order of application,” says Aleksandra Dorofejeva, Diptyque’s Community Manager. As with your facial skincare regime, Aleksandra recommends using oils first to help the fragrance last longer, absorb deeply into the skin and enhance the staying power of any lotion, or EDP that follows; we love the Diptyque Satin Oil as a base layer for almost anything thanks to its heady scent and deeply nourishing texture. Just allow time between the application of your oil and your next product to give everything time to soak in well.

Applying Body Creams And Lotions

Now’s the time to get clever with your fragrance layering by adding a lotion or cream over your oil and bath products base layer. As with traditional fragrance layering it’s important to consider the types of notes that blend well together. In general floral notes mix nicely with fruity or spicy blends, giving the flowery base a real kick, while a woody base note with a zingy citrus top layer provides an uplifting combination.

For a beautifully fresh veil of scent that will last all day, Kora Organics’ brand new Noni Glow Body Oil includes rosehip and hero ingredient noni fruit and works well as a pretty, fruity layer when applied underneath any complementary floral moisturiser such as Ren’s delicate Moroccan Rose Otto Body Lotion. For a woody/floral blend we love Byredo’s Mojave Ghost Body Lotion with notes of sandalwood and cedar wood mixed with the herbal, citrussy notes of Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Body Lotion.

Finish With A Body Spray

As a finishing touch to your regime, experiment with spritzing your favourite perfume or scented mist on unusual places on your body. “Try applying fragrance behind your knees or inside your elbows as movement will help to release the scent and will stop it rubbing off too quickly,” says Aleksandra. For more of a long-lasting cloud of fragrance that’s guaranteed to accompany you all day, you can also apply a body spray to your hair and clothes as well as your skin.

“My body sprays are inspired by art, you can use them to spray-paint fragrance over your body to create your own scented masterpiece,” says Jo Malone CBE, founder of Jo Loves. Jo Loves’ A Fragrance Body Spray in Tuberose in her collection, combines notes of musk, wood and ylang-ylang, while Diptyque’s Eau Plurielle Body & Home Spray has a subtle twist of rose and cedarwood. As this will be your final layer, you can top it up regularly throughout the day and add extra layers depending on how powerful you want the effect to be.

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