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Maximising Your Palette

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A palette is the stuff of dreams for any makeup enthusiast. Offering a medley of carefully curated shades in a purse-friendly compact, a palette presents you with endless creative possibilities and opens up a world of new shade suggestions that perhaps you hadn’t previously considered. There is also a certain inevitability that comes with a palette, and this is that you’ll probably gravitate towards one shade more than any other, we’re all guilty of it, but if you can, we implore you to play up to your adventurous side and take the opportunity to try new colourways and clever placements with our expert tips and tricks guaranteed to help you make the most of every single shade.

Nars Hot Nights Face Palette

Brand new for spring/summer, this limited-edition face palette adds instant warmth and radiance to eyes and cheeks. Featuring an edit of four eyeshadows in matte and shimmering finishes and a complementary bronzer and highlighter, each powder is designed to work alongside the others to deliver depth, dimension and definition.

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How To Maximise:

1. When it comes to applying eyeshadow, you can be creative with placement. Instead of covering the lid with one solid wash of colour, Cherelle Lazarus, Nars Senior Makeup Artist, suggests using the NARS Precision Brush #44, which is a precise and tapered shape, to apply Paradis (a warm, fawny bronze shade) along the upper lash line and up toward the socket of the eye for a sophisticated, everyday look.

2. Create an on-trend, powder lip by pressing the aubergine shade onto lightly balmed lips for a super matte finish.

3. Cherelle suggests adding a pop of highlighter, shade Tautira, to the inner corner of the eye, nearest the tear duct, to really open up the eyes.

Hourglass Graphik Eyeshadow Palette

Boasting five fantastic eyeshadows with a range of matte, satin or metallic finishes, this universally flattering palette just goes to prove the adage, that great things come in small packages. Each rich, velvety powder has a high concentration of pigment and blends smoothly onto skin – perfect for creating a myriad of new looks.

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How To Maximise:

1. Primarily designed for use on eyes, there are many more uses of this multi-tasking palette than you might think. “There is so much more to an eyeshadow palette than simply creating shadow looks,” says makeup artist, Instagram star and podcaster Hannah Martin. “If you think outside the box you can use your palette for many functions, I often use the matte brown eyeshadow in a palette for speedy powder brows.” Simply pick up the powder using an eyebrow brush and fill in sparse areas with the pigment. Fix the powder in place by brushing brows with a setting wax, such as Chatecaille’s Full Brow Perfecting Gel.

2. You can also mix your shadows with different products to create an alternative finish and play with textures. To create a wet-look lid, combine a warm gold or neutral hue with a lip balm such as RMS beauty Lip & Skin Balm. 

3. “The ombre tones of this palette are perfectly suited for bronzing and contouring, depending on your skin tone,” says Hannah. If you’d like to try a natural nose contour, sweep your shadow down from the inner corner of your eye to sculpt and define your nose, suggests Hannah. The tonal shades of this palette make contouring effortless and blending seamless.

Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays

This eye palette is both a shadow product and contour kit and enables you to highlight, contour and blend to create a fresh, classic or smoky finish. Unlike usual powder eyeshadows, discover six soft, flexible, clay-like hybrid textures that melt into skin with a unique wet-feel finish. You’ll find three brushed metallic finishes and three matte clay finishes as well as an exclusive light-as-air setting powder to help prolong wear and prevent creasing.

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How To Maximise:

1. The unique texture of these clay shadows means the product is very flexible and easy to to manipulate. Hannah suggests using the deep blue shade to create an incredible winged liner, but without the risk of it looking shiny like some liquid liners. Or why not do the same with the silver blue shade for a more futuristic finish.

2. “I love using shimmer shadows from palettes to make the perfect complementary lip gloss,” says Hannah. “Use your finger to press the light, pewter shade all over lips and cover with lots of clear gloss for the the perfect shimmery lip and then press onto the top of your cheekbones for the most irresistible face glow.”

3. Create a soft smoky liner by smudging a dark shadow along the upper lash line using the Nars Smudge Brush #45. Mix the shadow with water to increase the intensity of the pigment.

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