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Storing Your Beauty Stash

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If you’ve ever feared opening your bathroom cabinet due to the precarious pile of beauty products balanced inside, or put off searching for your favourite lipstick because you can’t quite face rummaging through your three washbags – you’re not alone. For many of us, organising our beauty stash feels like another addition on an ever-expanding to-do list, but with these simple storage ideas and organisational tips you can save yourself space and time.

Check The Use By Date

The chances are at least a few of the products hidden away in the back of your drawers will be past their best by now, particularly if you opened them some time ago. One of the quickest ways to begin your declutter is by checking the POA or the Period After Opening date. Marked on the back on the pack with a logo of a jar with an open lid with a number inside it, this is typically either 6, 12 or 18 months depending on the product type. This number is the recommended date you should use the product by once open. Over time the active ingredients in your products can become oxidised, work less efficiently and bacteria can spread in the formulas leading to inflammation or irritation on your skin. Start by doing a ruthless decluttering of those items sitting at the bottom of makeup bags and drawers to free up some space by clearing out products that are past their best. As you open new products use a permanent marker pen to write the month and year of opening on the label, so you can easily keep an eye on its shelf life.

Beware Of UV Rays And Heat

Much like your skin, your favourite beauty products can be negatively affected by UV rays too. Storing your products in direct sunlight can cause formulas to heat up and lead to the growth of bacteria or the degradation of vital ingredients. If you currently keep any products on a chest of drawers, dressing table or surface that is in direct sunlight, consider moving them to a new location. To help preserve your products’ efficacy for longer, it’s best to keep them in a cool, dark place such as drawers or a cabinet out of view of direct light. Similarly, if you often do your makeup in the car, try to take your products with you to your destination in a compact bag like the Space NK Travel Bag, or at least make sure to store them in the boot or glove compartment when not in use so they aren’t kept in sunlight for the whole day.

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Consider Humidity Levels

Each room in your home will have different characteristics, and one of the most important things to consider when storing your beauty products is the humidity level. Many of us use the bathroom to apply and store our beauty products but be careful as the high humidity levels can negatively impact the feel and texture of products, particularly powders, and lead them to feel heavier or cakey. Other types of makeup including creams and balm textures can be affected by humidity so keeping them in your bedroom is recommended.

Beauty Storage Solutions

From revolving lipstick stands to see through, stackable drawers, investing in some tailor-made storage solutions will help to easily and quickly simplify your beauty product storage, says Nioka Simmons, Space NK Pro Artist. To kick things off try organising your beauty haul into categories. Take your haircare bottles and styling sprays, which are primarily tall and thin and try using a basket or wicker storage hamper which allows you to keep them looking neat and so you can quickly spot what you need. Lipsticks and glosses work well in acrylic organisers and blushers and bronzers sit nicely in shallow drawers. For your perennial favourites set up a drawer of the products that you use daily so they are easily accessible.


Eyeliners, mascaras and brow products are best suited to open top containers so you can instantly spot the shade you want without having to rummage. Try upcycling an old candle holder like one of our favourites from Diptyque. Simply pour boiling water into the glass and leave overnight, while the wax remnants will rise to the surface by morning. All you need to do is simply tip away the water and solidified wax and you’ll be left with a stylish open container, perfect for housing your beauty products.

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