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Wearing Statement Headbands

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Forget the school day flashbacks, this season headbands have come of age and are now cropping up in a range of chic and distinctly grown-up styles. It’s not often that the accessory du-jour is as practical, comfortable and stylish as the headband – which is why we’re singing its praises this week. Whether it’s a pearl-encrusted number, a sophisticated silk ribbon or a statement velvet take on the trend à la Kate Middleton, there are myriad ways to embrace the look. Keep scrolling to find out our foolproof headband styling tips to suit every hair length, shape and style…


How To Wear Headbands With A Fringe

Whether you have a feathery side fringe or full-on lash-skimming bangs, the key to styling yours is all about careful placement. To flatter your fringe and help create definition between the shorter and longer parts of your hair, gently place the band over where your fringe starts and secure behind the ears. To help shape your fringe, try teasing out hair from the root once the hairband is in place, using a small brush like T3 Volume 2.0 Round Brush to boost volume.

How To Wear A Headband With Short Hair

It can be tricky to know how to dress up short hair but a glamorous or statement encrusted headband is our go-to. The only rule? Don’t go for anything too chunky or padded, as this can overpower your look. We love SLIP’s Knot Headband for adding a little interest that won’t detract from the rest of your style or why not experiment with beads, pearls or gemstones this party season. The addition of a embellished band is the quickest way to take your look from desk to dance floor this party season too.

slip knot
oribe texturising

How To Wear Headbands With Fine Hair

For those of us with fine and thin hair, you may feel cautious about wearing a band. But you shouldn’t be as styled correctly the right band can actually create the illusion of fullness and help shape hair. The key? Sweeping all your hair back off your face and spritzing with a lightweight texture spray like Oribe’s bestselling Dry Texturising Spray. Next, use your band to hold your brushed back hair in place, then using your forefingers on either side just above the ear, push the band forwards slightly to add shape and height. Pro tip: when picking your band of choice, opt for a thin or delicate style band, as the contrast in texture will help make your hair appear thicker.

How To Wear A Headband With Glasses

The secret to styling your headband while wearing glasses is all about finding the right material. Opt for a soft or stretchy fabric so it won’t apply pressure against the arm of your glasses or feel uncomfy behind the ears. For something simple yet chic we love a ribbon tied in a bow Blair Waldorf style or try wrapping a scarf around your head as inspired by Lily Allen. Looking for a modern interpretation? Try a stretchy fabric band for a sports-luxe look that works perfectly with glasses. SLIP’s Twist Headband is made of ultra-soft 100% mulberry silk and takes on the wrapped scarf trend without the fuss.

slip twist headband
ouai curl mousse

How To Wear A Headband With Curly Hair

For curly hairstyles whether its tight coils or a more subtle wave, the volume of the headband is important. Anything too small or delicate will get lost between your curls so look for a band with height and volume. To help shape your style and define your curls massage in a blob of Bumble and bumble’s Curl Defining Crème or Ouai’s Soft Mousse that helps to control and tame frizz then place your headband on and tilt forwards. This will help smooth your hairline and soften your style around your face.

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