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Behind The Brand: Olaplex

olaplex set

Olaplex landed at Space NK only last month and has already proved to be a bestselling hit. We take a look at the story behind the brand and everything you need to know about this essential hair kit collection…

What Is Olaplex?

Like all good start-ups, Olaplex was born in a garage in Santa Monica. Beauty entrepreneur, Dean Christal had sought the help of two chemists, Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker to create a formula that “would make hair great”. The following day, the formula was born and was described by Christal as resembling “a beer in a 100ml bottle”. He tested it on permed hair initially and saw an immediate effect: hair was stronger, shinier, healthier. A short time later he gave a bottle to Hollywood hair colourist Tracey Cunningham who then used it on her A-list clientele, and the rest is history.

A Different Approach To Haircare

Olaplex is famed for its results. A treatment originally born in the salon for professionals to use, there’s little wonder its cult following came soon after. It’s also been heralded as one of the reasons for the growing trend of blonde colour among the A-List in Hollywood, as this formula keeps damage at bay; take a look at Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen who are both committed brand fans.

Understanding How Olaplex Works

“Olaplex and the Bond Maintenance System repairs the five types of damage that affect hair: chemical, thermal, mechanical, environmental and physiological,” explains Ty Render from the brand. In essence Olaplex is a super straightforward three-step process that uses a patented ingredient that scans for broken bonds in the hair and re-builds them. For best results, use it during a colour treatment in salon and then afterwards at home. The various stages (Olaplex Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) prevent, protect, rebuild and maintain hair’s health time and time again after every use.

How Does Olaplex Work In Salon?

Olaplex 1 (Bond Multiplier): Use in the salon and mixed into your colour. This will help to build up the bonds of your hair whilst undergoing colour treatment.

Olaplex 2 (Bond Multiplier): A treatment for the hair after your colour. Should be left on for 10-20 minutes to nourish and strengthen.

What To Try From Olaplex At Home

Olaplex 3: A targeted treatment that just needs to be combed through wet or dry hair before you shampoo and condition. Leave on for at least 10 minutes or overnight if you can to re-build the broken follicles and give your hair a little extra gloss.

Olaplex 4 & Olaplex 5: A great suits-all shampoo and conditioner to use between colour treatments in the salon, they keep the bonds clean and nourished while at home to stop your hair from becoming increasingly frayed between visits to the salon.

Olaplex 6: “The No.6 Bond Smoother is the newest in our family and is a super concentrated leave-in smoothing cream that’s great for all hair types,” explains Render. The leave-in styling treatment simultaneously strengthens the hair’s bonds.

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