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Best Non-Toxic Makeup

non-toxic makeup

If the clean beauty movement has pricked your conscious but you’re not sure how to detox your makeup bag or what ingredients and brands you should be looking out for, we show you how to clean up your regime with our edit of non-toxic makeup choices.

What Does Non-Toxic Mean?

Non-toxic refers to any formulation that is free from a list of potentially skin-irritating ingredients such as silicones, preservatives and emulsifiers. Instead, non-toxic makeup comprises a combination of plants, vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts, and it’s because of this slimmed down and streamlined ingredients list that it’s often a good option for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Ingredients To Look Out For

If you’ve decided to try non-toxic beauty, you’ll need to start reading packaging to ensure you steer clear of ingredients such as parabens and SLS. Next, you’ll need to become familiar with other ingredients that will become the mainstay of your makeup formulations such as water, aloe vera, coconut oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, camellia oil and sunflower oil, all of which are commonly used as bases for clean makeup. Plant oils are great for imbuing skin with a natural, dewy glow and waxes, such as beeswax and candelilla, help to give cosmetics the form and structure they need to stay on, as well as making them waterproof.

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uk200012034 hourglass

Just because you’re committed to going clean, doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on a good colour payoff. Look for lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers containing naturally occurring pigments, known as iron oxides. These are long-lasting mineral deposits with a great depth of colour that have been used as pigments since prehistoric times.

If you’re a fan of highlighter, look out for formulas that contain mica – a natural mineral with a shimmery surface that works to reflect light and give the illusion of a healthy glow.

uk200017544 cover fx

Brands To Look Out For

When it comes to ingredients, makeup artist and founder of clean beauty line RMS Beauty, Rose-Marie Swift is a great believer that less is more. After many years of working in the makeup industry, she learned about the impact that daily exposure to chemicals in beauty products can have, and in 2009 decided to create a viable and natural alternative. Her eponymous line of clean colour cosmetics is formulated with raw, food-grade, organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. In their purest form, the enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and their healing properties in her formulations remain fully intact, encouraging amazing potential benefits for the skin. As well as being highly covetable and a dream to use, the products are bold, bright and colourful with a focus on boosting the skin’s natural luminosity.

uk200019905 rms beauty
uk200019922 rms beauty
uk200020028 rms beauty

Cover FX

This makeup brand falls into the unique category of skincare with colour; in other words it’s makeup that you can feel good about using and feel good about wearing. Each product is enriched with high quality, good-for-you ingredients, and is formulated without parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc, ensuring a vegan formula that all skin types can wear. The brand’s bespoke approach to beauty and the way the pipette products allow you to customise your coverage from sheer to full, make it accessible for all. It’s not all serious though, we love the super fun, unicorn-esque setting sprays, metallic-finish highlighters and glitter drops.

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Established by Carisa Janes in 2004, Hourglass is best known for its world-famous lighting powders and bridal makeup must-have Veil Mineral Primer, however it’s been a primarily vegan brand since its inception and has announced its commitment to going 100% vegan by the year 2020. Hourglass prides itself on delivering luxury cosmetic products that are cruelty-free and free from parabens and sulphates.

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Watch This Space…

While there are pioneering brands that are leading the way when it comes to creating clean, non-toxic beauty formulas, it would seem that there is still room for improvement when it comes to packaging. “Creating sustainable packaging has its challenges”, explains Rose-Marie Swift. “There are not enough good quality, recyclable plastic options available that meet our standards. Furthermore, so much of the new packaging technology in the beauty industry is plastic or acrylic and this is polluting our earth and ending up in landfills. There are still great leaps and bounds that this industry needs to take when it comes to packaging.”

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