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Boxset Beauty


Now the nights are drawing in, you may find that your new favourite pastime involves snuggling up on the sofa glued to the latest boxset on Netflix. But, this doesn’t mean your beauty routine has to take a back seat, in fact we suggest you make the most of this downtime with our edit of hardworking beauty, which is happy to do overtime while you just sit back and relax. From Foreo’s 60-second eye massager to Dr Dennis Gross’ gradual glow pads that develop within three hours, this beauty haul will keep you entertained from episode one, right through to the end credits.

Midweek Fix

If you’re playing catch-up during the week, it’s likely you’ll only manage to fit in an hour of viewing time, which means you need hard-hitting beauty that gives you results in under 60 minutes.

Try: Frank Body Lip Scrub
Our lips often get neglected and fall victim to chapping and extreme dryness, especially in the winter months. This handy lip scrub is made from a unique blend of ground robusta coffee beans, raw sugar, coffee seed oil and beeswax and is the ultimate TV treatment. Using your middle finger, apply to both the top and bottom lip twice a week and massage in using gentle, circular motions to buff away dry, flaky skin. Wipe off excess sugar and follow with a hydrating lip balm to lock in the moisture and restore soft, supple lips in seconds.

uk200021551 frank body

Try: Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager
This innovative handheld device uses T-sonic technology (vibrations in various speed intensities) to revive tired-looking eyes and help minimise signs of ageing. Plus, the massaging sensation is highly relaxing and requires very little concentration – the perfect task when trying to keep up with the latest discoveries in Making a Murderer 2. To use, apply your regular eye cream or serum to the eye contour, choose your preferred mode and speed intensity and gently move the Iris along the contour of the eye for 30 seconds before moving onto the next eye. In as little as just one minute, the eye area will appear rejuvenated.

uk200019069 foreo

Try: Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpotLite Blemish Reducer
Harnessing the power of clinically proven blue and red LED technology, this blemish-busting device helps to clear and prevent breakouts as well as calm redness and reduce inflammation. Instead of absent mindedly picking at a spot, place the zapper directly onto a blemish, press and hold the power button for two seconds and then hold in place for the programmed time of three minutes. Voila!

uk200022714 dr gross

Extended Viewing

TGIF people! You’ve made it through the week and don’t have to be up for work in the morning, which means you can indulge in at least two hours of guilt-free binging. Use your time wisely and incorporate a spot of at-home pampering into the mix.

Try: Omorovicza Copper Peel
You’ve got a little time to play with tonight, so time to get experimental. This two-stage peel, suitable for oily, dry, combination and normal skin, is super easy to use at home and is designed to polish and smooth the complexion in two phases. First, pat a generous amount of the blue copper peel paste into dry skin, avoiding contact with eyes or lips. Formulated with copper gluconate, this paste helps to regulate sebum and detoxify the skin.

uk200012063 omorovicza

Next, massage the transparent copper peel activator over the top of the blue paste. The mixture will start to foam up and lather under your fingers, just leave it on for two minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Once you’ve finished with the tubes, they can be conveniently re-sealed to use again for another application.

Try: Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure Foot Treatment
If you don’t have the patience to sit it out at the nail salon but are in desperate need of a pedi, this DIY kit is for you. Soak your feet in warm water for up to 10 minutes before popping them into the two individual socks provided. Next, pour the activating essence into each of sock and carefully seal. Press play, and literally put your feet up for the next 60-90 minutes before removing the socks, and rinsing and drying feet. Over the next three to five days, the AHA and BHA botanical serum will work its magic to slough away dead skin and leave feet feeling soft and smooth.

uk200020248 patchology

Try: Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad Gradual Glow
Sometimes the best way to achieve a glowing complexion, is to cheat. These all-in-one, sophisticated self-tanning pads are soaked in AHAs and enriched with skin-supporting vitamins, and are the best way to get a healthy, natural glow fast. Simply swipe over clean, dry skin in a circular motion, enjoy three uninterrupted hours of TV gold, and wait for your natural-looking colour tan to develop.


uk200019299 dr gross

Weekend Binge

It’s the weekend, which means you have free reign to hog the couch and back-to-back binge watch whatever takes your fancy. Gather all your favourite snacks, friends, and those beauty treatments you can afford to leave on for a little bit longer.

Try:  Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil
This luxurious hair treatment is made from a blend of botanical oils, including argan, sesame and flame of the forest, all recognised for their healing properties and ability to rehydrate and promote regrowth. For the ultimate night-time ritual, use the dropper to apply 2-3 drops to sections of dry, parted hair and gently massage into the scalp with your fingertips, as if shampooing.

uk200015007 mauli (1)

Once applied, wrap your hair in a towel or turban and allow the oil to sit for a minimum of two hours, giving it chance to penetrate and nourish both scalp and roots. For a more intensive treatment, leave in overnight and wash out as normal in the morning.

Try: Tan-Luxe The Body Illuminating Tan Drops
Avoid the possibility of staining your sheets or rubbing your developing tan off while you sleep by incorporating these odourless and oh-so-convenient tanning drops into your Sunday evening wind down ritual. After a soak in the tub, mix 2-6 drops of oil per body part in with your regular body moisturiser, oil or cream and apply to dry skin in large circular motions from head to toe, lightly covering hands, elbows and feet.

uk200017368 tan-luxe

Chuck on dark-tone comfy clothes or your pyjamas and settle yourself down for an evening of compulsive viewing and feel smug as your tan starts to take form.

Try: NuFace Gold Mini Express Skin Toning Collection 
The ultimate way to maximise your downtime, this innovative at-home toning facial device uses microcurrent technology to help improve skin tone and define facial contours and you don’t have to be an experienced facialist to use it. This starter kit comes with the 24K Gold Gel Primer Firm – a leave-on primer that maximises the conduction and circulation of the microcurrents, and helps the device to glide easily over the surface of the skin.

uk300052802 nuface (1)

Apply to the neck, jowls, jawline, cheeks, eyebrows and forehead before sweeping the device over the skin. Continue for 20-minutes, by which time you will begin to notice a difference, and remove the gel primer with a damp cloth. Skin will appear firmer and more toned.

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