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How To Apply Makeup On Your Commute

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The start of September signals back to school and for many of us, back to work after holiday and back to juggling a speedy morning routine and a daily commute. Whether you’re late to work, in a hurry from the school run or just can’t get yourself out of bed, there’s no need to panic. With these useful tips and innovative products, doing your makeup on the move is easier than you think.


Pack A Mirror

A mirror is an essential tool for makeup on the go so it’s worth investing in a travel-sized one which can slot into your handbag with ease. Or, go one step further and invest in a palette or compact with a generously sized built-in mirror. If you happen to forget, simply flip your phone camera to face you.


A Concise Edit

The idea is not to carry too much with you so try to whittle down your usual routine and stick to the basics. Pick one or two complexion-enhancing staples, then something for your eyes, brows and lips. Be mindful that several of your products can also double up as something else; bronzers and blushers make great eyeshadows, while your lipstick can also work to add a flush to your cheeks when lightly blended in.

Invest In A Good Palette

A palette with several uses is one of the best space-saving hacks. Opt for one with plenty of staple shades but be sure to pick one which you think you’ll get the most use out of, rather than one with only one or two shades you’ll realistically use. RMS’ new Sensual Skin Trio is a wise option since it comprises of two luminising powders and one universally flattering blush to really awaken skin. The mirror is a good size too. Similarly, Surratt’s Perfectionniste Concealer Palette features two shades of concealer (a lighter one for under the eyes and a deeper shade for pigmentation or blemishes) and a corresponding setting powder. Nars’ Endless Orgasm Palette meanwhile has six versatile shades in a variety of blendable finishes which work well on the cheeks, eyes and lips meaning you can create a whole host of different looks with just one product.

Try Foundation And Concealer Sticks

“Liquid product can be tricky – especially on the move,” explains Nick Lujan, Global Director of Artistry & Education at Kevyn Aucoin. “Stick to creams and pressed powders to avoid spills, drips and ‘product fallout’ which often transfers into bags or on to garments,” he adds. The new Foundation Balm is quick and easy for on-the-go application and even comes with a brush to build in areas which need it most. Sticks are another practical solution since they can be applied straight to the skin and blended or worked in with a brush. “Our Surreal Skin Foundation Wand is the ultimate on-the-go foundation because it has a built-in brush so there’s no need for extra application tools,” says Anne-Marie Guarnieri, Creative Director at Surratt. “The formula has primer-like benefits too so you can skip any additional skin prep. You just uncap it, prime the foundation into the brush by pressing the bottom button and sweep it on. This clever product also eliminates any worry that foundation will leak or spill inside your makeup bag.”

Don’t Be Too Ambitious

“Don’t overcomplicate your look with products that require super precision,” says Nick. “For example, instead of trying to create a sharp, winged eyeliner and a perfect red lip, try a soft smoky liner and a neutral lip colour.” Stay away from liquid liners since these will be disastrous on moving transport – as will mascara. Liners like Sisley’s new Phyto-Kohl Star Pencils are much easier to apply since they can be smudged for a worn-in look meaning mistakes can be easily rectified. Steer clear of bold lip colours and instead opt for more neutral shades in a gloss or balm that are ore forgiving if your bus suddenly stops at lights. Lipstick Queen’s new Lip Mousse allows for easy application and controlled coverage thanks to the small cushioned applicator and lightweight texture.

Use Alternative Application Methods

Where possible, try to stay away from using your fingers to apply your makeup – public transport is not the cleanest of environments. Retractable brushes are a must as not only do they offer easy application, but they can be transported easily and kept clean in your bag. If you prefer a Beautyblender to a brush, the new Beauty Blender Pro On The Go Kit will keep your sponge clean and protected thanks to the innovative ‘defender’ case. Use the cleanser once a week to remove makeup build-up and prevent bacteria. If you do insist on using your fingers or forget your tools, be sure to pack your anti-bacterial gel and give hands a quick once over before you start.

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