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How To Create Summer’s Biggest Nail Trends

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Nail salons have been closed for over three months and a lot of us have taken matters into our own hands. From removing gel nails to treating ourselves to a weekly DIY pedicure, at-home nail care searches on Google have surged and sales of nail polishes have spiked too. According to Cosmetics Business, global nail polish sales have risen by a whooping 150% this year so far. 

With nail salons set to remain closed for the next few weeks, we caught up with celebrity nail artist Naomi Yasuda to ask her about the current nail trends taking hold across social media. “Most of the nail trends that take hold are led by fashion,” explains Naomi. “The 90’s and early 2000 influence that we saw in 2019 is still prevalent and I’ve seen a lot of baby pinks, lavenders, glitter and jelly nails.” So, what are the biggest nail looks that Naomi thinks will see us through summer?

Tie-Dye Nail Trend

From T-shirts to canvas bags, tie-dye has had a real resurgence throughout lockdown and it would only be fitting that your nails follow suit. It’s surprisingly easy to create a tie-dye effect at home. Paint a base layer, wait for it to dry and then apply dots of two-to-three other shades on top. Place a piece of clear plastic (a plastic poly pocket works well) and gently blend the dots together.

Naomi has opted for pretty pastel hues for her tie-dye nail look. We’ve experimented with Nailberry Nail Lacquer in Peony Blush and Hippie Chic over a base of Au Naturel.

Tip: Start with the palest shade first and use the darkest colour sparingly to avoid overpowering the tie-dye effect. And, if you’re impatient for the base to dry Nailberry Dry And Dash Lacquer Drying Drops will be a worthwhile investment. 

Monochrome Nail Trend

There is something very chic about a glossy black or white manicure. Both colours make your tan pop – white is particularly popular with summer pedicures. “While both shades go with anything in your wardrobe, sometimes they can look a bit heavy if you paint your whole nail,” says Naomi. “I like to play around with black, white and the negative space in between.” It can be as simple or intricate as your skill allows and the real beauty is that no nail needs to look the same as another.

Tip: “First draw out the outlines and then fill the space and alternate the colours and shapes on every finger,” says Naomi. If you go wrong, Nailberry’s Miracle Corrector Pen will help undo errors and ensure you create a precise line between the two colours. 

Arty Nail Trend

“As all the museums have closed due to this pandemic, I’ve noticed a rise in arty, creative nail looks,” says Naomi, who was inspired by Henri Matisse’s iconic artwork for this particular look. If these look a little too intricate for your nail painting ability, why not grab a bright, summery hue (we love Nailberry’s icy Santorini blue paired with the bold Cherry Cherise red) and take your cue from the American artist Ellsworth Kelly. His minimalist approach to lines and squares lend themselves perfectly to nail art, as long as you’ve got a steady hand. 

Tip: “Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes. Be creative and use bold colors,” says Naomi. “If it’s too hard to paint designs on your own nails, try painting a press-on instead or focus on one nail on each hand and create an accent nail.”

Confetti Nail Trend

Admittedly this is quite a bold look if you’re working from home, but if you want your nails to stand out when you socially distance with friends it could be worth exploring. “Glitters and holograms make me so happy every time I look at them,” says Naomi. “Holograms are time consuming as you have to layer them one-by-one, but they’re very fun.” If you want more of a subtle hint of shimmer, look for molton nail hues, such as Nailberry Nail Lacquer in Berry Fizz and Golden Hour.

Tip: “Apply a thick top coat when you’re using glitters, holograms and shimmery polishes to help prevent your manicure from chipping,” advises Naomi. We love Nailberry Fast Dry Gloss top coat for a high gloss, long-lasting finish.

French Manicure Nail Trend

Less of a trend and more of a classic nail design, the iconic French manicure never goes out of fashion. “Anyone can wear a French manicure, regardless of the length or shape of your nails,” says Naomi. The trick to really nailing this look is tending to your cuticles and gently buffing and filing your nails, so they’re uniformed in length and shape. For this Margaret Dabbs Manicure and Pedicure Kit is second to none and comes complete with everything you need, including a glass nail file. 

If you want to add a little sparkle to the classic look, follow Naomi’s lead and add a crystal or a dot of shimmery polish just below your cuticle.  

Tip: Keep your cuticles hydrated by massaging in a tiny amount of Nailberry Conditioning Cuticle Cream. Not only will this make your French manicure look professional, it’ll also ensure it lasts longer. 

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