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How To Get Your Best Ever Brows


Ever since Cara Delevingne first graced the catwalk back in 2010, the power brow has become one of the biggest (quite literally) beauty trends there is. Although this spells good news for anyone possessing naturally full arches, all is not lost if you’ve been guilty of overplucking. Key to achieving the right kind of brows for your face is the shape; the most flattering brows have natural thickness with a gentle arch and long tail. “Take a look at a picture of your 10-year-old self” suggests Nina Leykid, Founder of Eyeko and eyebrow expert, “this is the perfect brow shape for you.”

Tidy Up With Tweezers

When it comes to tweezing, there are a few rules to follow. Number one is invest in a good pair of tweezers; look for ones with sharp, angled edges that can reach the hair right from the root. Never pluck from the upper half or above the brow and if possible, try to pluck immediately after showering as this allows hairs to slide out with less effort and therefore, less pain. To see exactly which areas need attention, brush brows upwards, then “pat down with a little translucent powder to help reveal any stray hairs that need plucking,” says Nina. Use nail scissors to snip any long hairs that poke out above your brows then lay the tweezers horizontally to your brow bones at the base of the hair, and pluck.


Define With Threading

If you’re looking to create a clean, sharp, precise shape, threading is a professional yet affordable option that gives a very natural finish. An old Indian tradition, threading involves using a taut thread to trap and tease individual hairs away from the skin. Because this method allows the therapist to remove individual hairs one at a time, it gives a very natural, bespoke result. Although it can be painful (happily, less so than waxing), it is a relatively speedy process; if you are worried, a couple of paracetamol taken two hours before your appointment should help.

Use Some Pencil Power

Once you’ve created the right shape, now’s the time to go back and fill in any gaps. This is where the correct shade comes in. Nina recommends opting for a shade darker than your natural brows and a few shades darker than your hair for the most natural finish. As a general rule, taupe shades work well on blondes and greys, while greyish browns suit redheads. Muddy browns to ashy blacks complement brunettes. To identify which areas need filling in, use an eyebrow comb to brush brows upwards towards the natural arch, then stroke downwards. Using a finely tipped pencil, such as Chantecaille Waterproof Brow Definer create very fine, featherlike strokes by pushing the pencil right into and around the individual hairs.

Play With Textures

If you’re looking to create brows that feel a little more 3D, try a palette with dual formulas. Laura Mercier’s Sketch & Intensify Pomade & Powder Brow Duo offers two shades in two textures which allows you to create a custom blend to perfectly match your own brows; simply apply the powder over the pomade to add depth and dimension. To set your hard work in place Eyeko’s multi award-winning Brow Gel should your final port of call. Its specially designed brush is perfectly shaped to tame brows while the tinted gel formula comes in a universal taupe shade that can be brushed seamlessly on to any brow colour. The serum is also infused with botanicals like ginkgo biloba, keratin and shea butter to condition hairs and promote growth, ideal if your natural hairs are sparse.

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