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How To Sleep

how to sleep

We’re well aware of the relationship between sleep and good health, and yet we’re a nation deprived. According to The Sleep Council, 80% of us are lacking, with a recent study showing that 74% of us sleep for less than six hours a night. With sleep becoming such a precious commodity, here’s how to enhance your eight hours.

And… Relax

‘Studies show that aromatherapy helps relax the central nervous system and reduce anxiety, which in turn, helps us to sleep,’ says holistic guru Anne de Mamiel. Apply her Anchor Balm on your pulse points and breathe deep. Its heady yet heavenly dose of herbs, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc, induce utmost tranquillity.

Screen Out

According to a recent Harvard study, HEV light (the stuff that’s emitted from your laptop and phone) suppresses the secretion of melatonin, your body’s sleep hormone. In other words, save Instagram scrolling and Netflix binges for at least an hour before bed.

What Supp?

Magnesium taken topically has a calming effect on your adrenal glands, where cortisol – the stress hormone – is released. You can also tip it in the tub. REN Clean Beauty Magnesium Booster Bath Salts dissolve into a silken formula and help relax heavy, aching muscles.

how to sleep

Mindful Munching

‘Sugar spikes will disrupt sleep’ says de Mamiel. She advises high protein foods such as cereal and milk or peanut butter on toast, which provide tryptophan – an amino acid required for the production of melatonin. Another savvy, slumber-inducing snack, according to sleep specialist Dr Gaby Badre, are foods rich in zinc, such as leafy greens, pumpkin and sesame seeds.

Beat the Heat

To initiate sleep, our body temperature needs to drop by about 1 degree Celsius. ‘Ensure the temperature in your bedroom is cool – no higher than 18 – 20 degrees,’ says de Mamiel – anything either side and you’re likely to have a broken night ahead.

Bleary eyed? Fake it

La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask packs a hydrating, plumping punch, thanks to the brand’s lauded Miracle Broth and a hit of hyaluronic acid.

A multi-tasking face mist, Aurelia Probiotics Skincare Brightening Botanical Essence counteracts discernible signs of fatigue – redness, dryness, irritation – with probiotics and botanical extracts. Spray throughout the day.

Tired skin is usually lacking moisture, so steer clear of matte formulas. Becca Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation covers dullness with a dewy, gym skin kind of finish.

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