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Slow Beauty

slow beauty

When we feel as if we’re being pulled in a million different directions it’s time to take note and slow down. With more asked of us than ever before – whether it’s at home, at work, in the playground or on the commute – the need for taking some time out is greater than ever. Happily, your daily beauty routine can provide just the respite and moment of self-care that’s needed to reset yourself, all you need to do is take the time to enjoy it. In fact, a recent study done by Mintel notes that searches for slow beauty and products that position themselves actively as antidotes to instant fixes are on the rise and Mauli Founder, Anita Kaushal agrees: “Slow beauty is not simply about skincare; it’s about rituals that support greater wellbeing.”

Simple Slow Beauty Tricks To Try

When you’re short on time but the need to relax is real, arm yourself with a facial mist. Not only will the scented water provide some skin benefits – improved hydration, soothed inflammation and refreshed makeup – the act of spritzing and inhaling the aroma should encourage you to take a deep breath, one of the simplest and most important self-care moves there is. “With every product [I make] I have integrated a breath as part of the daily ritual – simply breathing makes a real difference,” says brand founder Anne de Mamiel. “By creating this pause, breathing and inhaling the essences, the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged and internally we begin to slow down. We love De Mamiel Dewy Facial Mist for this very reason and Omorovizca Queen of Hungary Mist, which contains a heavenly smelling medley of orange blossom, rose and sage waters to induce the deepest, calmest of breaths. Mist liberally all over your face, breathing in slowly for a count of 5 then breathing out slowly for the same length of time.

If your skin is showing signs of stress – unexpected breakouts and redness and irritation are all classic symptoms – then show it, and yourself, some TLC with a mask. While we love classic wipe-off versions, we’re here to extoll the value of sheet masks, which unlike traditional masks force you to sit, or even better, lie down while they work their magic; if you’ve ever tried walking around being busy when you’re wearing a sheet mask you’ll know how impossible it is. 111SKIN’s Rose Gold Brightening Mask and Verso’s Intense Facial Mask are both good options as you’ll need to leave them on for a potential power nap-friendly 20-minutes.

Longer Slow Beauty Rituals

Allowing yourself some proper time to stop, slow down or reconnect with yourself and those around you isn’t self-indulgent, it’s vital. If you’ve given yourself permission to retreat then why not really set the tone by turning off as many lights as you can and filling your space with calming, ambient candle light. “My slowdown would not be complete without our Sundaram & Silence Candle as I light it the moment I arrive home. This signals a slower, relaxed pace and sets the tone for the evening ahead,” says Anita. To keep up the feeling of calm, instead of flitting from room to room once your candle is lit, make an effort to just sit still and be in the moment. You should feel the impact of this enforced break almost immediately. Once you’re nice and calm, a soothing bath is essential; studies have shown that being in water can help calm the nervous system and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Try to aim to keep yourself submerged from the shoulders down for at least 20 minutes.

When it comes to our skin, the post-festive season period is often the time it’s feeling its worst. To combat this and help you start the year looking and feeling more refreshed, it’s not necessarily about adding more product, but more time. Supercharge your usual cleansing routine by replacing your micellar water with something that incites a real sense of ritual; De Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm is infused with geranium, rose myrtle and honey myrtle, and is specially formulated to calm the nervous system with its potent aromatics, as it cleans skin. Use firm upwards strokes to work into skin for as long as you can – even adding an extra minute’s worth of massage to your everyday routine can reduce tension and help improve circulation for more glowing skin. “Feeding the skin with massage brings additional results, so allow yourself this time for you… [it’s] about reconnecting with our bodies and checking in with our skin, identifying where there is stress and tension and working it out,” says Annee. Finish by closing your eyes and pressing a generous-sized, warm wash cloth over your face. Inhale the scent deeply before removing to reap maximum rewards.

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