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Your Guide To Crystal Healing

guide to crystal healing

Having been around on our planet for millions of years, crystals are having a surge in popularity with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr attesting to their healing abilities. If you’re interested in exploring more wellbeing focused, holistic therapies as part of your beauty routine or are in need of a little boost this January, we bring you the lowdown on when and how to do it…

Why Should I Try Crystal Healing?

“Crystal healing is a type of therapy that involves working with crystals to support and enhance your own personal energy” says Emma Lucy Knowles, clairvoyant, crystal healer and author of The Power of Crystal Healing: Change Your Energy and Live a High-vibe Life. “Crystals aren’t miracle workers and won’t change your life overnight, but what they can do is work with your own energy to focus and direct personal growth.”

How To Use Crystals

Choosing a crystal is a totally personal thing. It could be as simple as a colour you love, and in terms of appearance — polished or raw – it’s down to personal preference. “Go with your gut and see what you’re drawn to,” advises Emma. “It’s all about strengthening your intuition. When you’re in charge of your emotions you feel more empowered and crystal can help with that.” Once you’ve chosen, Emma advises meditating or just sitting and breathing with the crystal to activate your chakras, the energy centres that can be found up and down your body. “Place your crystal in your hand and allow yourself to connect with it and get a sense of the energy it’s bringing into your body. For some people it’ll prickle or pulse, for some people it might feel cool or calm.” Once you’ve found your crystal, you need to give it an intention, in other words give it a job to work on. “Crystals need to be given work to do” says Emma. “Push your intention into the crystal and try repeating whatever it is out loud or in your head a few times over. Once you’ve done that, be present with it – and yourself. Keep checking back in with it and note how you’re feeling.”

How To Cleanse Crystals

“Crystals pick up energy so it’s important to cleanse them first before you attune them to you,” says Emma. The easiest way is to wash them in water but for porous stones that can’t be washed try placing them in moonlight on your windowsill for a purifying effect. “Himalayan salts are also incredible for keeping your crystals on. You can bury them in there or just keep them sitting on some salt.”

guide to crystal healing

How To Tell If Crystals Are Working

“It can be something like seeing love hearts everywhere if you’ve been working with rose quartz but more importantly it’s an awareness that it brings and a general feeling of feeling safe and satisfied in yourself,” says Emma. Given that crystals work on our energy fields, Emma believes that you should notice your energy change too. Try journaling when you work with your crystals, even just making bullet points ­­on your phone about how you feel when you’re working with them can help you to have a reference point for later down the line if you are thrown off your feet again.

Where To Keep Your Crystals

Your desk, your handbag and by your bed are all good places to keep your stones but jewellery can work really well as it facilitates that skin-to-skin connection to you effortlessly. “If you’re wearing your stone in a ring just make sure it has an open back so that it’s touching you,” advises Emma. “I often keep small stones in my bra or socks too – get clever with it and find ways to carry them which work for you.”

Crystals To Help When You Feel Overwhelmed And Anxious

January is often the time of year when we can feel the weight of the world on us. Days are long and gloomy and to top it off most of us are desperately trying to keep the resolutions we so optimistically set at the start of the month. “I love kunzite for this type of feeling,” says Emma. “It doesn’t hold any negativity, rather it draws negativity towards itself, then flattens it. If you’re trying to set a new frame of mind and you feel like nothing is really working out, try kunzite.” Sometimes it can help to work with more than one stone for maximum benefit: “Black tourmaline is really grounding” says Emma. “Going through change can make us feel anxious, so it’s important to not just clear bad energy out but root yourself in the present moment.” Because night-time is often when negative thoughts chitter chatter in your head, Emma suggest sleeping with the stones on your bed head or bedside table to help you when you might be feeling your most vulnerable.

Try: Soothe and calm a stressed, overactive mind with a capful of Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil in your tub or allay feelings of anxiety with a nightly spritz of Votary’s Lavender and Chamomile Pillow Spray.

Crystals To Help You Sleep And Keep You Grounded

Often it’s not making new habits that’s hard but keeping them. When life threatens to derail your plans, reaching for a specific set of stones can help. “Aragonite is great for sleep and grounding,” attests Emma. “How you start your day is really important as it affects how the rest of your day pans out. Equally when you’re going to bed you can find yourself getting into a mental mind spin. Aragonite is amazing for helping to mute that noise.” Don’t overestimate the importance of colour when it comes to the impact of crystals; green is the colour of healing and growth, just what you need when things are in flux. “Sometimes when we’re making changes we forget about the growth element that’s needed. Aventurine and amazonite are both real promoters of play and having fun with that process. It’s easy to set yourself hard tasks but check in with yourself and find out what needs  adjusting.”

Try: Vetiver is known for its ability to make you feel emotionally stable and grounded, try dimming the lights and burning Malin + Goetz Vetiver Candle. Equally sandalwood helps to induce feelings of comfort and ease, try a drop of Votary’s Facial Oil – Rose Maroc & Sandalwood massaged into skin.

Crystals To Help You Positive And Feel Uplifted

How to hold on to that feeling of elation when you’ve completed Dry January or a tough Barry’s Bootcamp spell? “Crazy lace agate is the champion of joy and optimism”, says Emma. “I think of it like a puffa jacket, it gives that squidgy safe feeling.  Sometimes when you’re doing great work, life or people come to test that and this stone helps you bounce away from that.”

Try: Envelop your body in the fresh, zingy scent of grapefruit with Ren’s Neroli Grapefruit Body Cream or inspire feelings of confidence with a peppermint infused scrub like Frank’s Peppermint Coffee Scrub. 

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