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Understated Scents You Won’t Get Bored Of

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Not all fragrances need to hit you in the face with their intensity. Of course, there are occasions when we want our scent to shout from the rooftops – namely, when we want to be noticed or to make an impression – but, mostly, we want our perfume to subtly enhance our own personality. Here are our favorite understated scents that will make you the star of your own show.

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Diptyque Eau Capitale 

Designed in honor of Paris (the home of Diptyque) this scent is crafted from notes of rose, bergamot and pink berries over a base of emboldening patchouli. There is something very refined and grown up about this fragrance; to wear it is to feel capable and accomplished and those are two very good things.


Byredo Unnamed

This unassuming bottle with its blank label allows you to become its central ingredient. It comes with its own personalization kit so you can label it as you see fit. As for its scent; you’ll find a gin accord (it works), pink pepper, violet, orris stem, fir balsam and tree moss. It is unlike anything else you have ever smelt or are likely to own.

uk200023807 byredo
uk200023845 malin go


Malin + Goetz Stem 

While most floral scents focus their attention on flowers, this unique fragrance looks to lush floral stem for its inspiration. This perfume is crisp and fresh and so you can’t help but feel energetic and buoyed when wearing it. The stalks of hyacinth and muguet lend their green and dewy scents to a blend of mandarin leaves, hyacinth blooms and wild freesia. You will want to wear this fragrance all year round.


Byredo La Tulipe

Notes of rhubarb lay at the heart of this addictive scent. You might think of it as an unusual addition to a perfume but when it is layered with cyclamen, freesia, tulip, vetiver, woods and musk – as it has been here – it becomes something close to hypnotic. We love to wear it on its own or layered with another green or woody fragrance to create something more complex and totally unique.

uk200017470 byredo
uk300054637 highborn


Highborn Salome

Rose is a time-honored perfume ingredient because, when it’s of a good quality, it smells sophisticated and understated. Here, pure Rose Otto has been blended with Tulsi (Holy Basil) and CBD to create something that not only smells incredible but boasts calming and rebalancing qualities for the mind. Roll a small amount of the scented oil (you really don’t need much) over your pulse points and top up throughout the day whenever you feel the need.

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