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Vacation Beauty to Pack

Vacation Beauty To Pack

It’s an ongoing dilemma when it comes to packing our suitcase for our annual summer trip; what are the essentials that we simply can’t holiday without, and what can we afford to leave behind? To save you the anguish of deciding which of your precious products won’t make the grade, we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist of what you should pack yourself and what you can get away with borrowing from the hotel bathroom…

Borrow… Accessories

From cleansing accessories such as soft white flannels and cotton wool, to fiddly little things like Q-tips, it’s worth saving space in your wash bag and just using what your accommodation provides. These things tend to be of a similar quality to what you’re used to, so there is little point in including them in your essentials kit.

Eve Lom Cleanser

Pack… Cleanser

If you’ve found a cleanser you love and that works for your skin, be sure to take it with you. Travel can cause skin to act out, but using your favorite cleansing product ensures consistency, meaning skin will tend to settle quicker. It’s also important to remember that on holiday, skin has more to contend with (think SPF, excess sweat and occasion-friendly makeup) so taking everything off at the end of the day is more important than ever.

Borrow…Shower Gel

Taking a full-size shower gel away with you is a little counter-productive seeing as it takes up a lot of precious space. As long as you feel clean afterwards, the formulas in your hotel will suffice, which leaves room for other, more important beauty essentials.

Pack… Aftersun

Soothing sore spots after sun exposure, enhancing tans and moisturizing skin: the benefits of aftersun are never ending. Few hotels or AirBnbs will have aftersun on hand, and even if they do, it’s worth investing in your own quality formula to keep skin smooth, soft and soothed all vacation long.

Hampton Sun Aloe Continuous Mist

Borrow… Body Lotion

If you’re packing an aftersun formula, leave the body lotion at home and slather this on your dry patches to your heart’s content instead.

Tan-Luxe The Body

Pack…Tanning Drops

A vacation essential and something you will definitely not find in your accommodation. Most of us feel a little pale during the first few days of our vacation or don’t want to tan at all, so taking a tanning product will help enhance your natural glow from the offset. What’s more, tanning drops are compact for packing and can be mixed in with even the most basic hotel body lotion…


So long as you have a great conditioning product in your beauty arsenal, you can definitely get away with using a hotel-branded shampoo for a week or two to rinse and cleanse hair that’s been subjected to a day in the elements.

Pack… Conditioning Masks

While hotels usually provide conditioner, vacation hair always benefits from a more intense level of care. For this reason, bring along a few sachets of deep conditioning masks (such as those by Ouai), which are incredibly nourishing for hair that’s been subjected to sun, seawater and chlorine. Added bonus – they take up only a miniscule amount of space.

Ouai Treatment Masque

Borrow… A Hairdryer

Unless you can find an effective compact (which is harder than you think!) we suggest sticking to what your accommodation provides. Nearly all hotels and AirBnbs have hairdryers, and while they might not be as effective as your usual choice, they will do the job. Alternatively, see this as an excuse to embrace the relaxed holiday vibe and try out a bit of air drying instead!

Oribe Balm d'Or Heat Styling Shield

Pack… Heat Protection Spray

This technically should be a part of your SPF wardrobe, as protecting your hair and scalp is just as important as protecting your body and face. A great heat protection spray can also help offset even the most questionable hotel hairdryer which may have uneven temperatures.

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